Email confirmation of anonymous content through Rules and Flag

We regularly need to create workflows that enable anonymous users to add content to one of our Drupal sites. Often it is desirable to make anonymous users confirm the nodes they post by following a generated 'secret' link they have received by email.

Easy embed

Although the following code (a video embed code to be used by visitors of a video site) is discussed in the light of a MediaMosa related site, the implementation can easily be generalized to other video solutions.
It has been a pleasure to work with the MediaMosa framework, a tried and tested Dutch open source software solution enabling you to easily build a full featured, webservice oriented media management and distribution platform.

Parsing a taxonomy tree in Flash Actionscript 3

I often need to integrate Flash AS3 elements into Drupal projects. Something made very easy by the great AS3 Drupal Proxy and Drupal AMFServer module from the guys at DPDK. Of the structures that are returned by the default Services module, the taxonomy tree needs a little more processing than most.

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