Find and Replace Script

When moving a Drupal install from one server to the next you often need to replace paths within several database fields and tables. To make this chore a little easier I have started to use the following DB script (thanks, krazyworks).

Finding the vocabulary id in Drupal 7 with Drush

In Drupal 6 as you could go into the taxonomy section of the admin area and look at the vocabulary edit URL to find the numerical vocabulary id. In Drupal 7 the URL is no longer as verbose as it now shows the machine name of the vocabulary, for example admin/structure/taxonomy/my_vocabulary/edit.

Webform conditional answer options

For a Webform based survey site I needed to create questions offering a choice between some *conditionally shown* answers. Because I had very little time, I decided to make some quick & easy changes to the Webform template, instead of creating a custom module.

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