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KnackForge: How to update Drupal 8 core?

Sat, 03/24/2018 - 07:01
span data-quickedit-field-id=node/328/title/en/rss class=field field--name-title field--type-string field--label-hiddenHow to update Drupal 8 core?/span div data-quickedit-field-id=node/328/body/en/rss class=clearfix text-formatted field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden field__itemp dir=ltrLet's see how to update your Drupal site between 8.x.x minor and patch versions. For example, from 8.1.2 to 8.1.3, or from 8.3.5 to 8.4.0. I hope this will help you./p ulli dir=ltr p dir=ltrIf you are upgrading to Drupal version x.y.z/p /li /ulp dir=ltr           x -gt; is known as the major version number/p p dir=ltr           y -gt; is known as the minor version number/p p dir=ltr           z -gt; is known as the patch version number./p/div span data-quickedit-field-id=node/328/uid/en/rss class=field field--name-uid field--type-entity-reference field--label-hiddena title=View blogs by rajamohamed. href=/blog/rajamohamed lang= about=/rajamohamed typeof=schema:Person property=schema:name datatype= itemprop=url rel=author class=usernamerajamohamed/a/span span data-quickedit-field-id=node/328/created/en/rss class=field field--name-created field--type-created field--label-hiddenSat, 03/24/2018 - 10:31/span span class=a2a_kit a2a_kit_size_32 addtoany_list data-a2a-url= data-a2a-title=How to update Drupal 8 core?a class=a2a_dd addtoany_share_save href=;title=How%20to%20update%20Drupal%208%20core%3F/aa class=a2a_button_facebook/a a class=a2a_button_twitter /a a class=a2a_button_google_plus/a a class=a2a_button_linkedin /a a class=a2a_button_pinterest /a/span

Lullabot: Clayton Dewey on Drutopia

7 hours 8 min ago
In this episode of Hacking Culture, Matthew Tift talks with Clayton Dewey about Drutopia, an initiative to revolutionize the way we build online tools

Valuebound: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts in PHP - Part 1

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 19:45
pPHP is a server-side scripting language, mainly used for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. Object-Oriented Programming (PHP OOP),  is a type of programming language principle added to php5, that helps in building complex, reusable web applications./p pIn this blog, we will be explaining some of Object-Oriented Programming concepts in PHP with  some examples./p pThe  Object Oriented concepts in PHP are :/p ulliClass /li liObjects/li liInheritance/li liInterface/li liAbstraction/li liMagic Methods/li /ulpstrongClass   Object:/strong/p ulliClass is a programmer-defined data type, which includes local methods and local variables./li liClass is a collection of objects. Object has…/li/ul

Tim Millwood: The Future of Drupal

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 18:22
span property=schema:nameThe Future of Drupal/span div property=schema:text class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden field--itempOver the past month there has been a lot of focus on Drupal, the community. More recently it seems people are back to thinking about the software. a href= Hall/a and a href= Hernandez/a both posted eye opening posts with thoughts and ideas of what needs doing and how we can more forward./p pA one line summary of those posts would be We should slim down core, make it more modular, and have many distros./p pTo a degree this makes sense, however it could cause divergence. Core is not great at all following the same pattern, but contrib is even worse. As part of the Workflow Initiative specifically there is a lot of work going on to try and get the Entity API aligned, get many more entity types revisionable and publishable, using common base classes, traits, and interfaces. If we maintained Node, Block Content, Taxonomy, Comment, etc all as separate projects then there's a chance less of this would happen. Also by doing this we are laying out foundations and setting examples to be followed./p pOne solution to this may be to follow Symfony (yet again), they have a a href= project/a but then split this up into the a href= components/a, which are read only repos. It's be pretty awesome if we could do this with Drupal. From there we could make Drupal downloadable without many of the core modules. People with the right skills can create a composer.json file to pull in exactly what parts of Drupal are needed, others could use a form on d.o to select which parts are wanted, which downloads a compiled zip./p pWhat would be more awesome is if we could abstract more of Drupal out of Drupal. Imagine if the Entity API was a PHP generic library. Imagine if you could create a Laravel or Symfony app with Nodes. This would be really tricky, especially since Dries announced the plans to make a href= upgrades easy forever/a, but possible./p pCurrently most Drupal sites are still on 7, and here we're talking about what would be Drupal 9? Maybe we need to take step back and look at why sites aren't being upgraded. Dave mentions A factor in this slow uptake is that from a developer's perspective, Drupal 8 is a new application. The upgrade path from Drupal 7 to 8 is another factor. Although another reason is also why would a company spend the tens of thousands upgrading to Drupal 8? It looks at works (from a users point of view) the same as Drupal 7. Drupal is a CMS, a Content Management System, and the management of content is more or less the same. Yes, with initiatives like Workflow and Media this is changing, but even then similar functionality can be achieved in Drupal 7 with contrib modules. Will Drupal 8 be the version to skip? go straight from 7 to 9?/p pAs Drupal is now pretty firmly an enterprise platform we need to look at this from a marketing point of view. What is going to sell Drupal 9? Why are people going to upgrade? What do they really want? Is a slimmed down core and more modular application really the selling feature that's wanted?/p pDrupal is a CMS, quoting Dave again do one thing and do it well. We need to focus on making the authoring experience awesome, and the workflows that go along with it awesome too. This should all be done in a consolidated way to make managing Node content, Block content, etc just as intuitive as each other. If during this process we can also make things more modular, and less Drupally, that'd be awesome!/p/div span rel=schema:authorspan lang= about= typeof=schema:Person property=schema:name datatype= xml:lang=timmillwood/span/span span property=schema:dateCreated content=2017-04-21T16:22:00+00:00Fri, 21/04/2017 - 17:22/span div class=field field--name-field-tags field--type-entity-reference field--label-above div class=field--labelTags/div div class=field__items div class=field--itema href= property=schema:about hreflang=endrupal-planet/a/div div class=field--itema href= property=schema:about hreflang=endrupal 8/a/div /div /div

Mediacurrent: ngconf 2017 - Build with Us

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 17:03
img typeof=foaf:Image src= width=200 height=152 / pThe first week of April I was among the attendees at the year’s largest US Angular conference, a href=, in Salt Lake City, Utah. As one of the a href=;v=gdlpE9vPQFskeynote/a speakers last year, I was excited at the opportunity to attend again, and curious about how different the atmosphere would be this time around. Last year the community was anxiously awaiting the release of Angular 2.0, and this year 4.0 was released just before the conference./p

Dave Hall Consulting: Many People Want To Talk

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 16:52
pstrongWOW!/strong The response to a href= blog post on the future of Drupal/a earlier this week has been phenomenal. My blog saw more traffic in 24 hours than it normally sees in a 2 to 3 week period. Around 30 comments have been left by readers. My tweet announcing the post was the top Drupal tweet for a day. Some 50 hours later it is still number 4./p pIt seems to really connected with many people in the community. I am still reflecting on everyone's contributions. There is a lot to take in. Rather than rush a follow up that responds to the issues raised, I will take some time to gather my thoughts./pp /ppOne thing that is clear is that many people want to use a href= Baltimore/a next week to discuss this issue. I encourage people to turn up with an open mind and engage in the conversation there./p pA few people have suggested a abbr title=Birds of a FeatherBoF/abbr. Unfortunately all of the official BoF slots are full. Rather than that be a blocker, I've decided to run an unofficial BoF on the first day. I hope this helps facilitate the conversation./p h2Unofficial BoF: The Future of Drupal/h2 pstrongWhen:/strong Tuesday 25 April 2017 @ 12:30-1:30pmbr / strongWhere:/strong Exhibit Hall - meet at the a href= Echidna/a booth (#402) to be directed to the groupbr / strongWhat:/strong High level discussion about the direction people think Drupal should strongUPDATE:/strong An earlier version of this post had this scheduled for Monday. It is definitely happening on Tuesday./br//p pI hope to see you in Baltimore./p

Vardot: How to Choose the Right Open Source CMS for Your Website (Infographic)

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 15:37
a href=/blog/categories/newsNews/a span class=read-timeRead time: 2 minutes/span img typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=695 height=348 alt=Why Drupal is better than Wordpress and Joomla title=The top reasons to use Drupal for Your Website / pToday’s top CMS platforms all offer their own unique flavor for users trying to get their website up and running. All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, but for complete and total flexibility, Drupal is the best choice. While it requires a strong grasp of web development, the level of customization it offers is far beyond its competition./p pJoin us as we look at some of the top reasons to use Drupal, followed by an infographic that breaks down today’s top three platforms./p p /p h2The Top 3 Reasons to Choose Drupal For Your Website/h2 pWhile there are plenty of articles about Drupal, and numerous reasons to use it, let’s take a look at the top three picks:/p pstrong1. /strongstrongAgile Web 2.0 Development /strong/p pDrupal embraces the best parts of agile web development. From the moment you install it, you have clean markup code, page and blog publishing, content management, search, polls, forums, user login modules, and plenty more. It cuts your development timeline down to mere days, as opposed to weeks of getting everything ready./p p /p pstrong2. Thousands of Modules /strong/p pModules allow you to quickly add functionality to your website. With over 16,000 to choose from, this number is only growing. From additional security, to social media, to SEO, and backups, you can do just about anything with these additional tools, and provide your users with an excellent experience./p p /p pstrong3. Ultimate Scalability /strong/p pDrupal is insanely flexible. You can start with as little as 10 pages on your site, and move up to 10,000 posts without ever changing a thing. Performance and security can be easily modified through the Admin console. Perhaps this is why some of the world's biggest websites like the White House, Nascar, and the Grammys all run on Drupal./p pIf you are still unsure why Drupal is the best, read this a href= with more reasons that will convince you/a./p p /p h2Breaking Down Today’s CMS Platforms (Infographic)/h2 pBelow you’ll find an infographic that compares Drupal to the other platforms you’ll find in your search. For the reasons above, however, our team of a href=https://www.onblastblog.comOnBlastBlog/a recommends Drupal wholeheartedly./p pimg alt= Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla title= Drupal vs WordPress vs Joomla height=3145 width=1000 class=media-element file-default typeof=Image src= //p p /p pAnd which platform do you use? Let us know in the comments! /p Tags:nbsp; a href=/taxonomy/term/236 typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Drupal Planet/a a href=/blog/tags/drupal typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Drupal/a div class=field field-name-title-field field-type-text field-label-above clearfix div class=field-label Title:nbsp; /div div class=field-item even How to Choose the Right Open Source CMS for Your Website (Infographic) /div /div

InternetDevels: The User Personas module in Drupal 8: perfect order in roles and permissions

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 08:53
div class=field field--name-field-preview-image field--type-image field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item evenimg src=/sites/default/files/public/blog_preview/the_user_personas_module_in_drupal_8_7.png width=937 height=622 alt=The User Personas module in Drupal 8: perfect order in roles and permissions //div/div/divdiv class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item evenpDrupal 8 promised to make website management a piece of cake, and it is fulfilling its promise!/p a href= more/a/div/div/div

Dries Buytaert: Thoughts as we head to DrupalCon Baltimore

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 04:20
pThe past weeks have been difficult. I'm well aware that the community is struggling, and it really pains me. I respect the various opinions expressed, including opinions different from my own. I want you to know that I'm listening and that I'm carefully considering the different aspects of this situation. I'm doing my best to progress through the issues and support the work that needs to happen to a href= our governance model/a. For those that are attending DrupalCon Baltimore and want to help, we just added a a href=//”community discussions track/a./p pThere is a lot to figure out, and I know that it's difficult when there are unresolved questions. Leading up to DrupalCon Baltimore next week, it may be helpful for people to know that Larry Garfield and I are talking. As members of the Community Working Group reported this week, a href= remains a member of the community/a. While we figure out Larry's future roles, Larry is attending DrupalCon as a regular community member with the opportunity to participate in sessions, code sprints and issue queues./p pAs we are about to kick off DrupalCon Baltimore, please know that my wish for this conference is for it to be everything you've made it over the years; a time for bringing out the best in each other, for learning and sharing our knowledge, and for great minds to work together to move the project forward. We owe it to the 3,000 people who will be in attendance to make DrupalCon about Drupal. To that end, I ask for your patience towards me, so I can do my part in helping to achieve these goals. It can only happen with your help, support, patience and understanding. Please join me in making DrupalCon Baltimore an amazing time to connect, collaborate and learn, like the many DrupalCons before it./p pem(I have received a lot of comments and at this time I just want to respond with an update. I decided to close the comments on this post.)/em/p

Third Grove: Introducing the Drupal Extrafield Settings Module

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 04:20
span property=schema:name class=field-name--titleIntroducing the Drupal Extrafield Settings Module/span span class=field-name--uid rel=schema:authorspan lang= about= typeof=schema:Person property=schema:name datatype= xml:lang=john/span/span span property=schema:dateCreated content=2017-04-21T02:20:24+00:00 class=field-name--createdThu, 04/20/2017 - 22:20/span

Chapter Three: Installing Drupal 8 from configuration

Fri, 04/21/2017 - 02:46
h2img alt=Install Drupal 8 from Configuration CMI data-entity-type=file data-entity-uuid=53986a6f-e265-43aa-87ba-058f28b08be5 src= class=align-right /Wouldn't it be great if???/h2 pConfiguration management is one of the most useful site development features in Drupal 8. It makes a site's configuration exportable, importable and manageable in git. Whilst building the configuration management feature, a thought that often occurred was Wouldn't it be great if you can take an existing set of configuration and install a new site from it?. Every Drupal developer has turned up to a new project and had to learn a different way to build a development site. Do you get the code from github? Download a database from production or some other special location? And is that database sanitised?/p

Ben's SEO Blog: Don’t Miss This Drupal 8 SEO Session at DrupalCon!

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 23:58
div class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=schema:articleBody content:encodedpI hope you will be attending DrupalCon 2017 next week in Baltimore. This a great opportunity to update your Drupal knowledge and network with others. It’s also your chance to sign up for a special, a href= training session on Drupal 8 SEO/a which is free to Drupalcon attendees./p pI will be holding a Drupal 8 SEO Hands-On Seminar beginning at 15:45 on April 25 in room 321 at the Baltimore Convention Center. We will do the most important on-page optimizations that I’d execute for a Volacci SEO client. We’ll cover specific details that marketers should know to achieve SEO results with Drupal 8 with minimal need for developer help./p pIn addition, everyone who attends will receive a free electronic copy of my latest book, a href= 8 SEO/a. This book is a step-by-step guide for ranking high in search engines with professional tips, modules, and best practices for Drupal 8 web sites./p pSearch Engine Optimization is a key part of the success of any Drupal website. With recent releases, Drupal 8 is ready for the SEO prime-time, but it can be difficult to know which modules to use and exactly how to configure them. This course will take the mystery out of Drupal 8 SEO./p pIn the hands-on portion of the class, you can optimize your very own website. Following Volacci’s Drupal SEO guidelines, the end-result will be a website that ranks better in search engine results, creates more leads and drives more revenue. If you want to do the hands-on portion of this class, you must bring your own dev environment. It can be your own Drupal website or a test website. a href= the details here./a/p pSee you at DrupalCon!/p /div/div/divdiv class=field field--name-field-image field--type-image field--label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even rel=schema:image resource= typeof=foaf:Image src= width=1024 height=596 alt=Baltimore DrupalCon Logo title=Don#039;t Miss Drupal 8 SEO at DrupalCon! //div/div/divdiv class=field field--name-field-subtitle field--type-text field--label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=schema:alternativeHeadline2 Hours of Drupal SEO Training and a Free Book, Too!/div/div/divdiv class=field field--name-field-terms field--type-taxonomy-term-reference field--label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsa href=/drupalcon typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=drupalcon/a, a href=/drupal-8-seo-book-tag typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=drupal 8 seo book/a, a href=/planet-drupal-teasers typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Planet Drupal/a/div/divspan rel=schema:url resource=/blog/drupal-8-seo-session-at-drupalcon class=rdf-meta element-hidden/spanspan property=schema:name content=Don’t Miss This Drupal 8 SEO Session at DrupalCon! class=rdf-meta element-hidden/span

Drupal Modules: The One Percent: Drupal Modules: The One Percent — Toolbar Menu (video tutorial)

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 23:05
span class=field field--name-title field--type-string field--label-hiddenDrupal Modules: The One Percent — Toolbar Menu (video tutorial)/span div class=field field--name-field-screenshot field--type-image field--label-hidden field__item img src= width=480 height=237 alt=Project page screenshot typeof=foaf:Image class=image-style-large //div span class=field field--name-uid field--type-entity-reference field--label-hiddenspan lang= about= typeof=schema:Person property=schema:name datatype= xml:lang=NonProfit/span/span span class=field field--name-created field--type-created field--label-hiddenThu, 04/20/2017 - 16:05/span div class=field field--name-field-episode field--type-integer field--label-inline div class=field__labelEpisode/div div class=field__item26/div /div div class=clearfix text-formatted field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden field__itempHere is where we bring awareness to Drupal modules running on less than 1% of reporting sites. Today we'll investigate Toolbar menu, a module which allows you to add menus to your toolbar./p/div

Drupal governance announcements: Community Discussion

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 22:08
pOpen conversation is essential to the wellbeing of any community. It is especially important now, as we collaboratively determine how to evolve our governance./p pThis discussion thread is being posted as a place for ongoing conversation about recent community issues and the governance improvements that the community is collaborating on together./p pFor background information on additional conversations being held, we direct you to:/p pa href= title= p...which has links to open community discussion sessions to be held at DrupalCon Baltimore, and that are being held virtually. After those sessions are completed, minutes will be posted to page above./p pWe encourage you to join us at those community discussions if you are able, and/or to continue the discussion here./p

Lullabot: Drupalcon Baltimore Edition

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 22:00
Matt and Mike sit down with several Lullabots who are presenting at Drupalcon Baltimore. We talk about our sessions, sessions that we're excited to see, and speaking tips for first-time presenters.

CU Boulder - Webcentral: Upgrading A Drupal 7 Module to Drupal 8: Configuration Forms

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 21:41
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpa href= the last post in this series/a, we set up some routing for our module for three paths. One of those paths is to the module's main configuration form. Since this module has a Drupal 7 version, I am going to go by the old tried and true method of CDD, a.k.a Copy Driven Development. Copy, paste, cry, try to copy something else./p/div/div/div Developer Blog

Acquia Developer Center Blog: Get the most out of your first DrupalCon!

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 20:59
div class=field field-name-field-blog-image field-type-image field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=Acquia Drupal logo shirt, DrupalCon Munich title=Acquia Drupal logo shirt, DrupalCon Munich //divdiv class=field-item oddimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=Drupal Association DrupalCon swag store title=Drupal Association DrupalCon swag store //divdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=DrupalCon Munich code sprints title=DrupalCon Munich code sprints //divdiv class=field-item oddimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=DrupalCon Prague group photo title=DrupalCon Prague group photo //divdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=Swag collected at DrupalCon Austin title=Swag collected at DrupalCon Austin //divdiv class=field-item oddimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=Driesnote, DrupalCon Denver title=Driesnote, DrupalCon Denver //divdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image class=img-responsive src= width=140 height=85 alt=DrupalCon beer taps title=DrupalCon beer taps //div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpTo me, meeting and building relationships in person is the glue that holds us together and makes Drupal a community. If this is your first DrupalCon or first Drupal community event, it’ll be your first taste of this crazy, smart bunch of people scattered around the globe most of the rest of the year. Welcome! I’d like to help you get the most out of your first DrupalCon!/p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-blog-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-inline clearfixdiv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/tags/acquia-drupal-planet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=acquia drupal planet/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/tags/community typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=community/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href=/tags/first-timers typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=first timers/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/tags/event typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=event/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href=/tags/drupalcon typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=drupalcon/a/div/div/div

Mediacurrent: Dropcast: Episode 31 - DRUPALCON

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 18:58
img typeof=foaf:Image src= width=200 height=152 / h2 dir=ltrDropcast: Episode 31 - DRUPALCON/h2 p dir=ltrRecorded April 12th, 2017/p

The Accidental Coder: The State-of-Drupal Poll

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 17:25
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpSpeak out about your feelings on several topics that are swirling in the Drupalsphere. The results of the poll will be published here during Drupalcon Baltimore. /p pa href= style=font-size: 120%;background-color: green type=buttonstrongTake the Poll!/strong/button/a/p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-abovediv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even rel=dc:subjecta href=/tags/drupal-planet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Drupal Planet/a/div/div/div

Chromatic: Replacing hook_boot and hook_init Functionality in Drupal 8

Thu, 04/20/2017 - 15:15
img src= /pAdam uncovers methods of firing code on every page in Drupal 8, the right way./p