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Promet Source: Site Gives Librarians Tools to Encourage Youth to Code

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 21:08
There’s no question that literacy in the 21st Century is a multi-faceted concept that extends far beyond books on the shelves.

Hook 42: Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - October 7th-11th, 2019

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 18:26
Drupal Core Initiative Meetings Recap - October 7th-11th, 2019 Lindsey Gemmill Mon, 10/14/2019 - 16:26 What to expect from Drupal 8.8

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 15:14
What to expect from Drupal 8.8 Body

Drupal 8 brought a lot of new features along with it. Making it easier to create rich and beautiful pages. Among the new features included in Drupal 8.7, we saw the stable built-in drag-and-drop Layout Builder, updated Media Library interface, and more. These changes impact site builders, administrators, editors, module developers, themer's, and distribution developers. Drupal 8.8 will be released in December 2019 and will be the last minor release with features. 
Let’s look at what Drupal 8.8 has in store for us:

| Drupal's WYSIWYG editor will allow media embedding in Drupal 8.8!

It’s been a decade that the Drupal community has been waiting for the most wanted end-user feature - Better media handling! The addition of WYSIWYG integration completes the final milestone. Read more about it here - Drupal 8.8 will come along with complete media management, this enables the site builders and content authors to easily embed media in Drupal.

Check out the media embedding here -

| New and modern administration theme Claro

Claro is a concise, clean, responsive theme with an improved look and enhanced web accessibility. Built on top of the Seven theme, it is now a contributed project. There is a probability that the Claro theme will be added to Drupal 8.8.0 core as an experimental theme.

| Composer in Drupal core initiative

To know more visit -

| JSON:API module in Drupal 8.8 is expected to be significantly faster

This has been possible due to the resolution of the following issues:

New cache layers were introduced which minimized the cost by reusing computed entities.

| Content Moderation and Workspaces core modules can be  used on the same site with Drupal 8.8.0!

Starting with Drupal 8.8.0, the Content Moderation and Workspaces modules are no longer incompatible, so they can be installed and used together.

When both modules are installed, the Latest revision local task provided by Content Moderation is no longer available because Workspaces always shows the latest workspace-specific revision on the canonical entity view page (e.g. /node/1). Additionally, when a moderation workflow is enabled for an entity type/bundle and if there are entities in draft (non-default/unpublished) moderation states in a workspace, that workspace can not be published to Live until all the draft entities reach a publishable moderation state.

| jQuery UI is being phased out from the Drupal core

jQuery UI allowed module developers to add lavish effects to their code. Added to Drupal core in 2009, jQuery UI has been unmaintained since 2017 and is listed as an Emeritus project (projects where the maintainers have reached or are nearing end-of-life). jQuery UI is being deprecated from Drupal core and will be removed by Drupal 9. With jQuery UI’s end of life, it will not work with future jQuery versions. Drupal core is in the process of switching to pure JavaScript solutions. Modules and/or themes depending on jQuery UI would require it as a dependency and manage their libraries.

| Configuration Management improvements in Drupal 8.8
  • Sync directory is defined in $settings['config_sync_directory'] and not $config_directories.

The ability to support multiple configuration directions in the $config_directories is now deprecated. If you have custom or contributed code that relies on this ability you need to move your setting either to $settings or another to storage. To know more about this visit -

These events allow modules to interact with the configuration deployment workflow. This was previously only possible with the contrib Config Filter module.

A few modules help in developing a Drupal site but are not intended to be deployed to production. Until Drupal 8.8.0 developers had to rely on contrib solutions such as Config Split to separate the development configuration. But sometimes it is not necessary to share the development configuration and instead it is more important to guarantee that development modules can not be included in the configuration export. This is precisely what the lesser-known Config Exclude contrib module did and its functionality is now available for everyone.

| Path aliases have been converted to revisionable entities

With Drupal 8.8.0, custom URL aliases are now provided by a new path_alias revisionable content entity type. The path.alias_storage service has been kept in place for backward compatibility, and its hook has been deprecated. Check out this link for code changes recommended to fully utilize the new system and prepare your code for Drupal 9 - 


With all of these features, the upcoming and previous versions of Drupal 8 are very lucrative for content editors. Kudos to all the Drupalers who have worked on Drupal 8.8 and chalking out the path to Drupal 9. 

Reference -

Ruchika.Mohite Mon, 10/14/2019 - 18:44

Aurelien Navarre: Playing with the drupal quick-start command

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 00:00
The other day I was reviewing my read later items and stumbled upon the New command line tool to install & run Drupal change record I had completely forgotten about. This was timely because I was extensively testing the excellent Acquia Developer Studio for work and was trying to think about how it could help me review core changes quickly or contribute more easily. Turns out, you can’t ask for a tool to do everything and sometimes it’s important to get back to finding the right tool for the job. And in this instance, quick-start has no equivalent that I know of in terms of ease of use and required dependencies. blog: What's new on - September 2019

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 19:09

Read our Roadmap to understand how this work falls into priorities set by the Drupal Association with direction and collaboration from the Board and community.

Note from the author: "I'm back in the hot seat! As many of you know, I took on the role of interim executive director in September 2018 while the Drupal Association underwent an executive search. This summer we found a fantastic new leader in Heather Rocker, and now that she's had a few months to settle in, I'm able to return to my regular duties, like bringing you these updates. Thanks for your patience!"

- Tim Lehnen(hestenet)

September was a flurry of activity here at the Drupal Association at large. Coming off a season of travel to a number of Drupal events, we headed straight into our semi-annual staff off-site here in Portland, and followed that up by attending Google's second-ever CMS Leadership summit.

Despite the whirlwind of events taking place in September, we've also landed some major milestones on our roadmap, and are hard at work getting some exciting things together to talk about with you all at DrupalCon Amsterdam at the end of October. As an added bonus, this month's report includes a short retrospective about the impact of the GitLab migration on our maintenance work. 

Project News Composer Initiative work committed for release in Drupal 8.8.0


A major community initiative for Drupal 8.8.0 has been the push to make Drupal's internal scaffolding and filetree consistent, whether you start using Drupal by using the .zip download, or by using Composer from the get-go. Starting with Drupal 8.8.0 - no matter how you start your journey with Drupal, you'll be ready to use Composer's advanced dependency management when you need it.

Drupal Association engineering team member Ryan Aslett(mixologic) has been the initiative lead for this effort for more than a year. We're thrilled that his work and the work of many volunteers has been committed for release in Drupal 8.8.0!

We want to thank the following contributors for participating in this initiative in collaboration with us: 

The work is not over! There are still a number of clean ups and refinements being worked on in the Drupal core queue, and the Drupal Association team is working hard in October to ensure that itself will be ready to deliver these Composer-ready packages of Drupal 8.8.0 on release. 

Reminder: Drupal 8.8.0 is coming soon! 

Speaking of Drupal 8.8.0 - it enters the alpha phase during the week of October the 14th, in preparation for release in December of this year.

Drupal 8.8.0 is the last minor release of Drupal before the simultaneous release of Drupal 8.9.0 and 9.0.0 next year. You can find more information about the Drupal release cycle here.

If you want to help ensure a smooth release, we invite you to join the Drupal Minor Release beta testing program. Update Preparing our infrastructure for Automatic Updates

In September we spent a good amount of time outlining the architectural requirements that will need to be met in order to support delivering the update packages that are part of the Automatic Updates initiative.

We are only in the first phase of this initiative, which focuses on: 1) Informing site owners of upcoming critical releases, 2) Providing readiness checks that site owners can use to validate they are ready to apply an update, and 3) offering in-place automatic updates for a small subset of use-cases (critical security releases).

As this initiative progresses, and begins to cover more and more use cases, it should greatly reduce TCO for site owners, and friction for new adopters. However, to make that forward progress we are seeking sponsors for the second phase of work.

Readying our secure signing infrastructure

With the help of a number of community contributors (see below), a new architecture for a highly secure signing infrastructure has been laid out. As we roll into Q4 we'll get ready to stand this new infrastructure up and begin securing the first automatic updates packages.

Going into early October, a number of contributors came together at BadCamp to help advance this effort further. Without the collaboration between community members and Drupal Association staff, these initiatives would not be possible.

We'd like to thank the following contributors to the Automatic Updates/Secure Signing Infrastructure initiative: 

Supporting Drupal 9 readiness testing

In conjunction with the Drupal core team, the DA engineering team has been supporting the work to ensure that contributed projects are ready for the release of Drupal 9.

Early testing has shown that over 54% of projects compatible with Drupal 8 are *already* Drupal 9 ready, and we'll be continuing to work with the core team to get out the word about how to update the modules that are not yet compatible.

Infrastructure Update A brief retrospective on the GitLab migration's partnership with GitLab to provide the tooling for Drupal and the ~40,000 contributed projects hosted on has been a significant step forward for our community. We're no longer relying on our own, home-brew git infrastructure for the project, and we're gradually rolling out more powerful collaboration tools to move the project forward. 

But what has that meant in terms of maintenance work for the Drupal Association engineering team?

There was some hope as we were evaluating tooling providers that making a switch would almost entirely eliminate the maintenance and support burden. While that was a hopeful outlook, the reality is that maintaining 'off-the-shelf' software can be at least as much work as maintaining mature existing tools.

GitLab in particular is still iterating at a tremendously rapid pace, releasing updates and new features every month. However, that speed of development has also meant frequent maintenance and security releases, meaning the DA team has had to update our GitLab installation almost once a week in some months.

Does that mean we're unhappy with the change? Absolutely not! We're still thrilled to be working with the GitLab team, and are excited about the new capabilities this partnership unlocks for the Drupal community (with more coming soon!).

However, it is a good lesson to anyone running a service for a large community that there's no free lunch - and a great reminder of why the support of Drupal Association members and supporting partners is so essential to our work.


As always, we’d like to say thanks to all the volunteers who work with us, and to the Drupal Association Supporters, who make it possible for us to work on these projects. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Tag1 - Renewing Signature Supporting Partner
  • Gitlab - *NEW* Premium Technology Supporter
  • Four Kitchens - Renewing Premium Supporting Partner
  • Phase2 - Renewing Premium Supporting Partner
  • WebEnertia - Renewing Premium Supporting Partner
  • Thunder - Renewing Premium Supporting Partner
  • Palantir -Renewing Premium Supporting Partner
  • Specbee - Renewing Premium Supporting Partner 
  • Pantheon - Renewing Premium Hosting Supporter
  • Cyber-Duck - *NEW* Classic Supporting Partner
  • Websolutions Agency - *NEW* Classic Supporting Partner
  • Unic - *NEW* Classic Supporting Partner
  • Kalamuna - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • ThinkShout - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Amazee - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Access - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Studio Present - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • undpaul- Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Mediacurrent - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Appnovation - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Position2 - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Kanopi Studios - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Deeson - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • GeekHive - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • OpenSense Labs - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Synetic - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Axelerant - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Centretek - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • PreviousNext - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • UniMity Solutions - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Code Koalas - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Vardot - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Berger Schmidt - Renewing Classic Supporting Partner 
  • Authorize.Net - Renewing Classic Technology Supporter
  • JetBrains - Renewing Classic Technology Supporter
  • GlowHost - Renewing Classic Hosting Supporter
  • Sevaa - Renewing Classic Hosting Supporter
  • Green Geeks - Renewing Classic Hosting Supporter

If you would like to support our work as an individual or an organization, consider becoming a member of the Drupal Association.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @drupal_org, @drupal_infra

TEN7 Blog's Drupal Posts: We Give Back: Drupal Module Framework for Migrations

Fri, 10/11/2019 - 16:52

We recently completed a special data integration project for the University of Minnesota, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, Faculty and Academic Affairs. Faculty Affairs, as they are referred to, uses a product called Activity Insight from Digital Measures (referred to internally as “Works”) to capture and organize faculty information.

DrupalCon News: Making DrupalCon Environmentally Sustainable

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 20:20

A proper Mojito starts with a bar spoon of sugar and 2-3 slices of lime in the bottom of a shaker. Top that with 14-16 fresh mint leaves, and muddle them gently into the padding to release the delicate oils. Be careful not to bruise the leaves or they will release chlorophyll, which will give us a bitter drink. Fill the glass with ice, 1.5 oz white rum, 1/2 cup club soda, and stir gently. Voila, a perfect blend of refreshment for you.

Hook 42: Ride into the Danger Zone: How to Update Drupal 8 Field Settings without Losing any Data

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 19:15
Ride into the Danger Zone: How to Update Drupal 8 Field Settings without Losing any Data Michael Wojcik Thu, 10/10/2019 - 17:15

Drupal Association blog: Drupal Core Beta Testing Program call for the upcoming Drupal 8.8.0 release

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 18:30

As announced in December 2018, the Drupal Association assists the Drupal project by coordinating a beta testing program for minor releases of Drupal core.

Agencies and other organizations who are supporting ambitious Drupal 8 sites are invited to be part of the beta testing program. This means that, when a beta release is about to be made, we can help core maintainers work with organizations on the Beta Testing Program to install the beta core release on real-world examples of Drupal websites, in their staging environments. The beta testers can then feedback to the core maintainers any issues they see running the beta core release in a structured way.

Being part of the Beta Testing Program is a key contribution to the Drupal project and also helps organizations to be very aware of any changes relevant to their supported websites.

Would your organization, and the Drupal project, benefit from participating in the Beta Testing Program? You can apply to join:

Apply to participate in the program

Who should apply?

Agencies and site owners who maintain large and complex Drupal 8 production sites. In particular, sites that use a wide range of contributed and custom modules or have large volumes of content.

Mediacurrent: Migrating Apigee Developer Portals to Drupal 8

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 17:59

For several years, Google has leveraged Drupal as the primary tool for developer portals built for its popular Apigee Edge API platform. With the introduction of the production-ready Drupal 8 distribution in May 2019, an announcement was made that support for the D7 platform would expire in 12 months. Concurrent with that announcement we know that D7 end-of-life will occur in November of 2021. This means that many Apigee portals will need to make the move to Drupal 8 or Apigee’s integrated portals in the near future.

In this article, we will walk through the steps to migrate Apigee portals from Drupal 7 to 8. The first decision you will need to make is whether to upgrade your existing custom build or move to the new Drupal 8 kickstart distribution. To help guide this decision, let’s first take a look at what the Apigee distribution for Drupal 8 has to offer and why you would want to leverage this platform.

Apigee Developer Portal Kickstart (D8)

The Apigee documentation site has excellent instructions on how to set up a developer portal using their Drupal 8 distribution. We will take a quick look at the features that come with the newest install profile.

Apigee Kickstart Homepage screenshot


The Apigee distribution once again has a nice out-of-box experience. This time around the base theme leverages a Bootstrap base theme that makes it easy to brand and customize your site.

The content types you see will be familiar: Article, Basic page, FAQ, Forums, and a new Landing page content type. Video, images, and audio are now more appropriately Media types in Drupal 8. The SmartDocs content type is gone in favor of a new API Doc type that supports the OpenAPI format (see below).

API doc screenshot

Adding content is now more flexible in Drupal 8 with the implementation of Paragraph types. Paragraphs allow you to add different components onto the page in any order you like. See the homepage example below.

Apigee Paragraphs screenshot from Homepage


In Drupal 8, Apigee also added some new block types. Blocks are still useful for components that need to live on more than one page.


Apigee block types screenshot

The great thing about Apigee’s distribution is that it also includes sample content which makes getting set up a breeze. 

For organizations setting up a portal for the first time, leveraging this distribution is the way to go. For portals being upgraded from Drupal 7, this is more of a judgment call. If your portal has been heavily customized it might be better to move forward with a traditional Drupal 8 upgrade which we will cover under Custom Migrations. If, however, your organization’s portal previously had taken advantage of out-of-box functionality, then it makes sense to migrate content to Apigee’s D8 project which we will walk through next.

Migrating to Apigee Kickstart D8

The maintainers of the Apigee kickstart distribution have supplied a module to make migrations as painless as possible. The apigee_kickstart_migrate sub-module provides the Migrate module configuration that maps Drupal 7 content to their newer Drupal 8 counterparts. Again, this is most helpful for portals that did not heavily customize content in Drupal 7. Included in this sub-module are instructions on how to run the migrations and how to extend migrations with custom fields.

The following table shows how content is mapped from the Drupal 7 portal to Drupal 8.


Drupal 7 (Devportal)

Drupal 8 (Kickstart)

Content Types

Article (article)

Article (article)

















Basic page (page)

Basic page (page)











FAQ (faq)

FAQ (faq)














Forum topic (forum)

Forum topic (forum)













Comment Types 

Comment (comment)

Comment (comment)














Forums (forums)

Forum (forums)





Tags (tags)

Tags (tags)




Custom migrations

When would you go with a custom Drupal 8 upgrade over leveraging the Kickstart project? 

Where you run into trouble with distributions in Drupal is when you lean on so many customizations that the distribution gets in the way more than it saves time. In those instances, it’s better to stick with your own custom implementation.

The Mediacurrent team recently released the Migrate Pack module to make things easier for developers. This module has been tested against several sites and distributions including the Apigee Drupal 7 install profile.

The approach here would be to install Migrate Pack and the two additional Apigee modules in lieu of leveraging the distribution. The two key Apigee features you will need are the Apigee API Catalog and Apigee Edge modules. All of these projects should be installed using Composer.

If your theme was built custom in Drupal 7, then it will need to be manually ported to Drupal 8’s Twig-based theme engine. The other option is to instead borrow the Bootstrap-based theme included with Apigee’s distribution. It should be said that if the latter approach is taken, it might be better to migrate everything to the new Kickstarter rather than cherry picking the theme.

Next Steps

Apigee has very good support and documentation to get you started on moving to Drupal 8. For issues and bugs specific to the Drupal distribution, the Github project issue queue is the best place to look. The Migrate Pack module also has its own issue queue on should you run into problems.

Mediacurrent has logged over 100,000 hours in Drupal 8 development, many of which are Drupal 7 to 8 upgrades. We would love to work with you on your next project. 

Please visit our contact page to get in touch or hit me up on Twitter to talk more. We also have comments below to gather your feedback and questions.

table, th, td { border: 1px solid black; }

DrupalCon News: Topic Idea Roundup

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 17:27

A note from our fabulous DrupalCon Minneapolis program committee:

With a December 4, 2019 deadline we are one-third of the way through the DrupalCon Minneapolis 2020 session submission period. The program committee is thrilled with what we’ve seen so far, with many compelling sessions to review—from accessibility to Xdebug. If you aren’t one of the early submitters, however, we still need your voice! And we are here to support you. Blog: Understanding the job of an IT Project Manager

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 12:24

Maria Espie Vidal, writer for, wrote a post for our blog in which she breaks down the role of an IT project manager. Check it out and gain a better understanding of the multifaceted job of IT project management.

READ MORE blog: Contribution Credit Tune-up

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 21:07

There has been a lot of thoughtful debate about the Drupal project's contribution credit algorithm in recent weeks, and some great ideas have been proposed. In the meantime, however, we've also been monitoring concerns about gaming of the current algorithm. Making changes to the contribution credit algorithm must be done with care, because it has a significant impact on how we recognize contributions and also on the ecosystem of Drupal service providers. Today the Drupal Association engineering team deployed a quick tune-up to the contribution credit algorithm.

This change strengthens the existing multiplier which weighs issue credits based on the usage of the project. Issues on more highly used projects will now be weighted even higher, and those on lower usage projects will be weighted lower.

We're calling this a tune-up with good reason. This is not a fundamental update of the credit system; this is a small change to help resolve some recent issues with the current version of the algorithm.

Developing a true 'Contribution Credit 2.0' system is a much larger project, but one we're hoping to undertake soon.

In the meantime:

  • If you have feedback on the small change we made today, you can find the issue here.
  • If you'd like to propose new ideas about the next generation of the system, please do so in this issue.

As the community thinks about the contribution credit system, we encourage you to remember that there will always be a human element to recognizing contribution - and our goal should be a system that enables better interaction between project contributors.

TEN7 Blog's Drupal Posts: Joe Shindelar: A Passion for Open Source

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 17:14
Joe Shindelar of Osio Labs chats with Ivan about making interactive sculptures, snowboarding and his long history with open source software.

TEN7 Blog's Drupal Posts: Joe Shindelar: A Passion for Open Source

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 17:14
Joe Shindelar of Osio Labs chats with Ivan about making interactive sculptures, snowboarding and his long history with open source software.

1xINTERNET blog: Zsofi and Adam join 1xINTERNET

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 16:48
Zsofi and Adam join 1xINTERNET hadda Wed, 10/09/2019 - 16:48

We welcome Zsofi Major and Adam Juran to the 1x team. QED42 at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 13:28
QED42 at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019 Body

Autumn is here! One of the things we’re looking forward to this month is DrupalCon Amsterdam from the 28th - 31st Oct 2019. Autumn is the most magical time to visit Amsterdam! An opportunity to mingle with the Drupal community in Amsterdam, what else could a Drupaler wish for? 

QED42’s support for the Drupal Community around the world is unwavering. Would it be sponsoring DrupalCamps, DrupalCons, organizing Drupal meetups, or contributing to 

And we hope you will join us at DrupalCon Amsterdam, this month! 

| Meet us!

QED42 is proud to be a Silver sponsor this year. If you are a Drupaler you wouldn’t miss visiting QED42’s booth. We are known for our exuberant booth vibes, designs, activities, and goodies. It is our tradition of unveiling a new Drupal t-shirt design at every DrupalCon. Check out the story behind our Hindi Drupal t-shirt series here - Our Drupal t-shirt design for #DCA is inspired by the vibrant and spirited culture of Amsterdam. Accompanied by a couple more goodies that you will absolutely adore! 

This year, QED42 will be showcasing a wide range of our capabilities including:

  • Decoupled Drupal
  • Gatsby e-commerce demos
  • Use cases around Drupal, JavaScript, and Design!

Come say Hi to our team at DrupalCon Amsterdam Booth No - 16, we would love to discuss ideas around how Drupal meets the ever-changing needs of the digital world.

| Sessions

Our Drupal experts are presenting at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019. You can find us at these sessions:

Houdini - New Era of CSS 
  • Date: 28th Oct 2019
  • Time: 15:00 - 15:40
  • Location: G 103
  • Track: Drupal + Frontend
  • Level: Intermediate 
  • Speakers: Vidit Anjaria and Saket Kumar

Here’s a sneak peek of our session -

Designing the future of the Drupal Admin UI | Keynotes

There are some exciting keynotes lined up for you at DrupalCon Amsterdam! 

- Tuesday, October 29 at 9:00 AM | Talk: Driesnote

Speaker: Dries Buytaert - Founder

- Wednesday, October 30 at 1:30 PM | Talk: If I can do it, so can you

Speaker: Sue Black - Professor of Computer Science and Technology Evangelist, UK Government Strategic Advisor, Women’s Equality Party candidate for London Mayor 2020, Professional Speaker, Author

- Tuesday, October 29 at 1:30 PM | Talk: Humanity in tech 

Speaker:  Boris Veldhuijzen Van Zanten - CEO and Co-founder of

- Monday, October 28 at 1:30 PM | Talk: Drupal core initiative leads keynote


| Conclusion

Attending DrupalCon Amsterdam? Don’t forget to1  flash your badge and spread the word - Follow @DrupalConEur for recent updates around the event.

Drop by our Booth 16 and meet the QED42 team! We would love to share our exciting projects and learn more about your experiences and challenges with Drupal.

Ruchika.Mohite Wed, 10/09/2019 - 16:58

OSTraining: How to Manually Update Drupal Core through CPanel

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 06:00

Drupal is a wonderful Content Management System with tons of features that solve many problems for editors and content managers. A developer can take different approaches to achieve the same result, and the Drupal update process is no exception.

It is possible to update Drupal either with Composer, Drush, or manually within the CPanel interface. The first two methods imply that you have at least mid-level experience with the command line and secure shell access to your public host. The third method is more visual and is suitable for developers beginning with Drupal.

Keep reading, if you want to learn how to update your Drupal site with this method.

Promet Source: Supreme Court Marks New Era for Web Accessibility

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 00:10
This week, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision in Robles v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC,* signaling a long-anticipated answer to an essential question: Does the Title III of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, which was written before the current digital landscape was ever envisioned, apply to websites and apps?

Hook 42: Come for Education, Stay for Community - BADCamp 2019

Tue, 10/08/2019 - 21:04
Come for Education, Stay for Community - BADCamp 2019 Lindsey Gemmill Tue, 10/08/2019 - 20:25