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Drupal Association News: How Drupal and Open Source are Helping Youth Rise from Poverty in Africa

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 16:43
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpimg class=left src= /The rise of open source, and the skyrocketing popularity of Drupal as a CMS, has made for many very happy developers working in the open source world. But for some people, it isn’t just a hobby or a way to bring home a paycheck: it’s a ticket out of crushing //p/div/div/div

Frederick Giasson: Managing Datasets in OSF for Drupal (Screencast)

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 15:14
span class=Z3988 title=ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004amp;rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Adcamp;;rft.title=Managing Datasets in OSF for Drupal (Screencast)amp;rft.aulast=Giassonamp;rft.aufirst=Frederickamp;rft.subject=Open Semantic Frameworkamp;rft.subject=OSF Academyamp;rft.subject=OSF for Drupalamp;rft.subject=Planet Drupalamp;rft.subject=Structured Dynamicsamp;rft.source=Frederick Giasson#8217;s Weblogamp;;rft.type=blogPostamp;rft.format=textamp;rft.identifier=;rft.language=English/span pIn this new screencast, I first introduce the concept of a emdataset/em: what it is, what it is used for and how it works. I will also outline the characteristics of datasets in the a href=http://opeOpen Semantic Framework (OSF)/a such as having a set of permissions for group of users, a unique identifier, etc./p pThen I explain how datasets are being used by a title=OSF for Drupal href= for Drupal/a, and how they can be managed using a Drupal portal: how to import, create, register, change permissions to datasets. Then I explain how datasets can become searchable using the SearchAPI or be disabled in the web portal./p pFinally I cover the OSF Entities administrators search and browse utility which can be used by Drupal administrators to browse and search for all entities that are accessible to the Drupal portal: even the ones that are indexed in datasets that are not yet registered to the portal./p pnbsp;/p pcentera href= style=margin:10px;overflow:hidden;display:table;line-height:0;text-align:center;width:400px; class=aligncenterimg class=shadow_curl size-full wp-image-2362 alt=tut_6_blog_400 src= width=400 height=223 style=padding:0 !important; margin:0 !important; max-width:100% !important;br/img src= class=shadow_img style=margin:0 !important;height:10px;width:100%;/div/a/center/p

NYC Camp News Announcements: NYC Camp At The United Nations!

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 10:11
a href=/news/nyc-camp-united-nationsimg src= width=620 height=400 //a pNYC Camp (nicenbsp;camp) is an annual conference featuring talks, industry summits and code sprinting all aimed at accelerated learning and contributing to Drupal and related open source projects./p pThis yearnbsp;a href= rel=nofollowNYC Camp 2014/anbsp;isnbsp;beingnbsp;heldnbsp;a href= rel=nofollowThe United Nations /aApril 10th-13th./p

NYC Camp News Announcements: Announcing NYC Camp 2014

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 10:11
pNYC Camp (aka 'nice camp') is an annual 4 day mini Drupal conference held in NYC dedicated to Drupal learning and contribution. Best of all it's completely free and volunteer powered! This past year we had a spectacular event packed with trainings, sessions, summits and sprints. We've got a great event in the works and expect NYC Camp 2014 to rock even harder than last year!/p pInterested in volunteering? Yes You! Sign up to participate and contribute to your NYC Drupal communitynbsp;a href= rel=nofollowhere/a/p pStay up to date on all upcoming NYCCamp News by following us on twitternbsp;a href= rel=nofollow@NYCCampDrupal/a/p

Jeremy Epstein: The cost of building a perfect custom Drupal installation profile

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 08:54
pWith virtually everything in Drupal, there are two ways to accomplish a task: a href= Easy Way/a, or a href= Righttrade; Way/a. /p pDeploying a new Drupal site for the first time is no exception. The Easy Way ndash; and almost certainly the most common way ndash; is to simply copy your local version of the database to production (or staging), along with user-uploaded files. (Your code needs to be deployed too, and The Righttrade; Way to deploy it is a href= version-control/a, which you're hopefully usinghellip; but that's another story.) /p pThe Righttrade; Way to deploy a Drupal site for the first time (at least since Drupal 7, and with hurdles since Drupal 6), is to strongonly/strong deploy your code, and to reproduce your database (and ideally also user-uploaded files) with a a href= installation profile/a, and also with significant a href= from the Features module/a. /p img src= width=720 height=376 alt=The Right Way can be a deep rabbit hole, though. /pemThe Right Way can be a deep rabbit hole, though./em/p pemImage source:/em a href= Nutrition/a. /p pI've been churning out quite a lot of Drupal sites over the past few years, and I must admit, the vast majority of them were deployed The Easy Way. Small sites, single developer, quick turn-around. That's usually the way it rolls. However, I've done some work that's required custom installation profiles, and I've also been trying to embrace Features more; and so, for my most recent project ndash; despite it being yet another small-scale, one-dev site ndash; I decided to go the full hog, and to build it 100% The Righttrade; Way, just for kicks. /p pDoes it give me a warm fuzzy feeling, as a dev, to be able to install a perfect copy of a new site from scratch? Hell yeah. But does that warm fuzzy feeling come at a cost? Hell yeah./p

Wunderkraut blog: 5 Tips to debug Drupal front-end with Chrome DevTools

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 07:12
p class=field-ns-blog-post-lead 5 of my favourite keyboard shortcuts in Chrome DevTools. I used them all the time to find bugs in JS, HTML and CSS /p div class=field-ns-blog-post-body clearfix div class=field-item even pstrong1. CMD + ALT + F/strongbr /A global search. Search in every asset HTML,CSS and JS.  Useful when you want to check if the browser is loading the changes you are doing, or to find something in the JavaScript code to place a breakpoint. Specially useful in production, when JavaScript files are aggregated, don't try to find the code manually. Use the global search./ppimg alt=alt_cmd.gif class=media-image height=292 title=alt_cmd.gif width=612 src= //pp /ppstrong2. CMD + Z/strongbr /Yes, the traditional 'undo' command. Did you know you can undo the CSS changes in DevTools?/ppimg alt=ctrl_z.gif class=media-image height=292 title=ctrl_z.gif width=498 src= //pdiv /divdivstrong3. CMD + S/strong/divdivEdit the JavaScript files inside DevTools (Source Tab). Then save the changes (CMD + S) . You will see in the console spanRecompilation and update succeeded./spanspan and the background color will change.  This trick is not very useful alone. But you can use it while debugging with breakpoints.  This tip is really useful to debug on-the-fly in production sites./span/divdiv /divdivimg alt=breakpoint.gif class=media-image height=292 title=breakpoint.gif width=498 src= //divdiv /divp /ppstrong4. ALT + Click/strongbr /This trick is awesome for severe cases of HTML divitis. Press strongALT/strong and click at the same time on the arrow, it will expand all the HTML elements under it./ppimg alt=alt_expand.gif class=media-image height=292 title=alt_expand.gif width=612 src= //ppstrong5. debugger/strongbr /This is not a keyboard shortcut. Place the string emdebugger/em in your JavaScript code, reload the page, and it will have the same effect than a breakpoint./p /div /div

Modules Unraveled: 104 Developing the Acquia Certification Program with Heather James, Ben Ortega, Peter Manijak and Prasad Shirgoankar - Modules Unraveled Podcast

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 07:00
div class=field field-name-field-image field-type-image field-label-hidden view-mode-rssdiv class=field-itemsfigure class=clearfix field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image class=image-style-podcast-default src= width=300 height=300 alt= //figure/div/divspan class=submitted-byPublished: Wed, 04/16/14/spandiv class=field field-name-field-podcast-file field-type-file field-label-hidden view-mode-rssdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evendiv class=mediaelement-audioaudio src= class=mediaelement-formatter-identifier-1397629655-0 controls=controls /audiodiv class=mediaelement-download-linka href= this episode/a/div/div/div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden view-mode-rssdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedh2Acquia Certification Program/h2 ulliFirst off, what is the Acquia Certification Program?/li liWho was involved in developing the curriculum?/li liI took a quick look, and it seems that there are four parts to the test. Are those taken individually? Or all together? (And what are the sections?) ulliWill this accurately assess front-end developers? Or Backend/Sitebuilders./li liWhat about specialists?/li /ul/li liHow is the exam administered?/li liWhere can people take the test?/li liThere has been talk about certifications in the past. Some have been for it, and some have been opposed. What kind of feedback have you received so far?/li /ulh2Future/h2 ulliWill you be updating the program regularly? Absolutely/li liWill there be a D7 version and a D8 version? It will depend on the exam and the need s of the role we are validating/li liShould other certification programs be developed?/li /ulh2Questions from Twitter/h2 ullia href= Sai/abr / Any plans to launch further specialization/levels? Like for Architects, themers, Drupal PMs etc? Yest, the Front end and Back end specialist exams are on the current roadmap. Other are in pre-planning stages. /li /ul/div/div/divsection class=field field-name-field-items-mentioned field-type-link-field field-label-above view-mode-rssh2 class=field-labelEpisode Links:nbsp;/h2div class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href= target=_blank rel=nofollowCertification team on Twitter/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href= target=_blank rel=nofollowWebchick’s Study Guide/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href= target=_blank rel=nofollowTanay’s Study Guide/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href= target=_blank rel=nofollowExam site/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href= target=_blank rel=nofollowWebinar on April 23rd/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href= target=_blank rel=nofollowBen on Twitter/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href= target=_blank rel=nofollowHeather on Twitter/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href= target=_blank rel=nofollowHeather’s Personal Twitter/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href= target=_blank rel=nofollowHeather’s Website/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href= target=_blank rel=nofollowPrasad on Twitter/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href= target=_blank rel=nofollowPeter on Twitter/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href= target=_blank rel=nofollowEmail the Certification Team/a/div/div/sectionsection class=field field-name-field-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-above view-mode-rssh2 class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/h2ul class=field-itemsli class=field-item evena href=/tags/certification typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Certification/a/lili class=field-item odda href=/planet-drupal typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=planet-drupal/a/li/ul/section

NYC Camp News Announcements: a href=/news/free-drupal-trainings-nyc-campFree Drupal trainings at NYC Camp/a

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 05:27
pDid you know NYC Camp has a massive list of completely free Drupal trainings scheduled for Thursday April 10th??? Check out the line-up and sign up!/p ul lia href= Decision Makers/a/li lia href= Drupal/a/li lia href= Training/a/li lia href= Atrium Training/a/li lia href= Clinic/a/li lia href= Started With Drupal Training/a/li lia href= Drupal/a/li lia href= Training/a/li lia href= Building +/a/li lia href= Training, Deploying Drupal In The Cloud/a/li lia href= RWD/a/li lia href= In Drupal/a/li lia href= For Content Creators/a/li lia href= To Module Development/a/li /ul Don't Forget To Register! pMake sure younbsp;a href= an account and register for NYC Camp 2014/a, Registration is completely free but the UN security is fairly strict so please register for the camp and then you can go ahead and sign up for a free training on any of the training description pages!/p

AGLOBALWAY: Redirect user after login (or filling out other forms)

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 00:50
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encoded divRedirecting a user to a specific path after a form submission is a feature required by most CMS websites. In Drupal, as with most things, there’s multiple ways to do it. Here’s a couple we use, depending on the site’s requirements:/div div /div p style=margin:0px;text-align:justify;font-family:'Trebuchet MS';span style=letter-spacing:0px;This is a method can be used for all the forms. Two steps here:/span/p olli style=margin:0px;text-align:justify;font-family:'Trebuchet MS';divstrongChange block thank you page url/strong/divdivThis method only works for a form in a block. In admin-gt;structure-gt;block, find the block containing the form and there is a configuration named “Thank You Page”. Put in the redirect url here or leave blank for no redirect. The benefit of this way is both developers and the website administrator can change it without touching code while the limitation is the form must be put in a form./divdiv /div/lili style=margin:0px;text-align:justify;font-family:'Trebuchet MS';strongspan style=letter-spacing:0px;Add a submit handler to form_alter/span/strongol style=list-style-type:lower-alpha;li style=margin:0px;text-align:justify;font-family:'Trebuchet MS';span style=letter-spacing:0px;Add a submit handler to the form_alter with the condition that the form id is the one we want to customize./span/lili style=margin:0px;text-align:justify;font-family:'Trebuchet MS';span style=letter-spacing:0px;Assign the redirect path to $form_state['redirect'] in the handler function./span/li/ol/li/ol p /p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-abovediv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even rel=dc:subjecta href=/tags/drupal-planet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=drupal planet/a/div/div/div frontpage posts: NYC Camp Media sprint report

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 23:09
pa href=http://nyccamp.orgNew York city Drupal camp/a happened last weekend in United Nations HQ and there was, among numerous other things, Media sprint going on. Organizers did their best to bring some of the most active Drupal Media contributors on-site. We are very happy and thankful that they made this possible, as we managed to achieve some very important steps forward. /p h2Plans for Drupal 8/h2 pMain part of our efforts at the camp was roadmap for Media in Drupal 8 as part of which we achieved few very important conclusions:/p ul li strongStorage components:/strong there are still different opinions about the storage part (AKA File entity approach vs. Media entity approach - for more info check a href= title= We decided that this is fine. We will continue to work on both solutions, while trying to find as many sticking points as possible and share as much code as possible. Entire ecosystem will be split into several sub-components in order for this to be possible. /li li strongDecoupled components architecture:/strong as already mentioned we're dividing Media ecosystem into smaller pieces, which will be easier to develop and maintain. We will make sure to make every component as generally usable as possible. This will allow us to use them with both storage solutions and also, when applicable, in more general contexts (not necessary related to media itself). Full featured media solutions will still exist, but will mostly provide glue that will make individual components able to work together. /li li strongMedia browser/selector/creator:/strong this part of the system will be responsible for browsing media collections, picking and/or creating individual or multiple media items. It will be used in different contexts as fields (entity reference, file, image, ...), WYSIWYG, global, etc. This component will not be related to media by it's nature. It should be possible to use it also in other similar use-cases (browsing and picking nodes for an entity reference field for example). Existing tools/systems should be used where possible (Views for entity browsing, existing field widgets for entity creation, ...). /li li strongWYSIWYG integration:/strong core now supports image embeds by default, but we still want to be able to embed other types of media. WYSIWYG entity embed framework will be responsible for that. It will be able to embed any entity using techniques that were already tested in D7. Entity-specific solutions that we know from D7 world (node_embed, ...) will become obsolete as a result of that. /li li strongDisplay configuration:/strong we will create two levels of display configuration. Field formatter level will provide more basic functionality, while ensuring simpler interface for site builders and administrators. This approach is expected to be used on simpler sites. Media/File entity render will, on the other hand, provide more powerful display configuration system with more complexity. Both storage solutions will share some parts of display configuration components, but it will not be possible to re-use everything. /li li strong3Rd party providers:/strong both storage solutions will need own 3Rd party integrations due to fundamental differences in storage implementation. /li /ul h2Next events/sprints/h2 ul liSprint at a href=http://www.drupalalpeadria.orgDrupalCamp Alpe-Adria/a (May 17th - 20th)/li liWeek-long sprint at a href=http://austin2014.drupal.orgDrupalCon Austin/a (June 1st - 7th)/li liWeek-long sprint at a href=http://amsterdam2014.drupal.orgDrupalCOn Amsterdam/a (September 28th - October 4th)/li liWeek-long sprint at a href=http://2014.badcamp.netBADCamp/a (approx. October 21st - 26th)/li /ul h2Getting involved/h2 pIn order for Media to really rock in D8 we need stronga lot/strong of help (by this I mean strongA LOT/strong!). Are you personally interested in media on Drupal or you run a Drupal company/shop and have to deal with funky media problems and desperately need a powerful and extensible solution for that? Are you able to dedicate some of your (or one or your employees) time to achieve that goal?/p pWe need you! No matter which skills you have! We need help with back-end and front-end development. We also need design/UX skills to create good editorial experience. Are you not a coder, but have good ideas? We need those!/p pYou can reach us on a href=irc:// or on a href= There will be weekly scrums held in Google Hangout onAir every Tuesday at 3:30PM GMT (follow a href= for announcements)./p h2We need your user stories/h2 pThere are as many possible media use-cases as there are Drupal websites. In order to be able to design the system in a way that will work for most possible situations we need your feedback - your user stories. Please take few minutes to think about your past project that dealt with Media and try to remember interesting problems that you'be been facing. a href= use our form/a and send them our way in a form of a a href= story/a./p h2Google Summer of Code 2014/h2 pWe have two quite strong media related project proposals for this year's Summer of code. We are hoping for both of them to be accepted. We will be able to publish more informations about that in the second part of April./p h2Please help Aaron Winborn/h2 pa href= is a long time Drupal contributor, author of many media-related modules and a great and inspiring person. He is fighting a href= and he needs our help. Please consider a href= to his fund/a to help them make his and his families life just a little bit easier. Thank you!/p pWe would like to thank camp organizers one more time. They prepared an unforgettable event for us. We would definitely not be able to achieve this progress without their support!/p

Isovera Ideas Insights: It's OK Not to Be Sexy

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 20:49
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpIt's OK not to be sexy.  /p/div/div/div

X-Team: Use Drupal Vagrant Rsync feature to maximize performance

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 20:49
We all know that Drupal doesn#8217;t do really well under the default shared folder of VirtualBox. When we were given the task of creating a new box for one of our clients, we immediately went with NFS file system to circumvent this issue. We quickly realized two things: Vagrant is way faster with NFS enabled...

DrupalCon Austin News: Calling All Mentors!

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 19:21
div class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item even property=content:encodedpimg src= /br / If you’ve ever attended a sprint, you know how important mentors are. strongWe're asking for interested volunteers to sign up to act as mentors for the DrupalCon Austin sprints./strong We’re expecting 600 attendees to get involved, and need all the help we can get!/p/div/div/div

DrupalCon Austin News: DrupalCon Austin 2014 Grant and Scholarship Recipients Have Been Selected

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 17:56
div class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item even property=content:encodedpWe’re pleased to announce that the grant and scholarship recipients for DrupalCon Austin 2014 have been selected and finalized! /p pThanks to generosity from our sponsors, we were able to extend offers of financial aid to 33 individuals worldwide! /p pThere were over 100 applicants for financial aid for DrupalCon Austin, and selecting the best candidates for the convention was difficult work. Every candidate underwent a comprehensive evaluation by a committee of volunteers from the Drupal community./p/div/div/div

Digett: Crawling vs. Indexing: Robots.txt and sitemap.xml

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 16:55
div class=field field-type-filefield field-field-teaser-image div class=field-items div class=field-item odd img src= alt=Crawling vs. indexing: robots.txt and sitemap.xml title= class=imagecache imagecache-blog-main-image-full-node imagecache-default imagecache-blog-main-image-full-node_default width=275 height=183 / /div /div /div pSometimes you need to prevent a site, page or everything at a particular path from showing up in Google search. I#39;ve heard people say to just disallow the page in robots.txt file. This is actually incorrect./p pa href= target=_blankread more/a/p

Open Source Training: 27 Funny, Imaginative and Odd Drupal Logos

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 16:28
pimg src= alt=drupal style=float: right; width=152 height=171 /Some organizations are very serious about their logos.nbsp;They produce exhaustive guidelines on how their logo should and should not be used./p pThe Drupal community takes the opposite approach. a href= Drupal logo/anbsp;is called Druplicon and is released under the GPL license. That licensing allows designers to do whatever they want with the logo./p pThat design freedom has led to some funny, imaginative and downright strange variations on the Drupal logo./p pHere are 27 of our favorites from events around the world./pimg src= height=1 width=1/

DrupalCon Austin News: The Austin Schedule is Live

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 15:36
div class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item even property=content:encodedpFor a few months now, we have been telling you about all the great content and fun things to do at DrupalCon Austin. Now you can see for yourself! The schedule is live and you can a href= target=_blanksee it here/a./p pYou can use the master schedule to build your own personal schedule by clicking the emplus/em or emminus/em on the calendar icons next to the events you wish to attend. You can also access your personal schedule from the master schedule and your profile. See the screenshot below:/p/div/div/div

Drupalize.Me: What is Drupal (8)?

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 14:20
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden text-content text-secondarydiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpWith the release of Drupal 8 approaching, it’s time again to answer and update the age old question: What is Drupal?/p /div/div/div

Frederick Giasson: Registering an OSF Network in OSF for Drupal (Screencast)

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 14:05
span class=Z3988 title=ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004amp;rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Adcamp;;rft.title=Registering an OSF Network in OSF for Drupal (Screencast)amp;rft.aulast=Giassonamp;rft.aufirst=Frederickamp;rft.subject=Open Semantic Frameworkamp;rft.subject=OSF for Drupalamp;rft.subject=OSF Web Servicesamp;rft.subject=Planet Drupalamp;rft.subject=Structured Dynamicsamp;rft.source=Frederick Giasson#8217;s Weblogamp;;rft.type=blogPostamp;rft.format=textamp;rft.identifier=;rft.language=English/span pIn this screencast, I explain how we can link (register) one or multiple a title=OSF Web Services href= Web Services/a networks to a single a title=OSF for Drupal href= for Drupal/a instance. I discuss how this OSF Web Services mechanism can be used to bring datasets from multiple different OSF instances into the same Drupal portal. I also cover how we can use the same OSF Web Services network as the backend for multiple Drupal portals (which uses OSF for Drupal)./p pWe briefly discuss the distributed aspect of the Open Semantic Framework (OSF), but this topic will be discussed more in deep in a subsequent screencast./p pnbsp;/p p style=text-align: center;a href= style=margin:10px;overflow:hidden;display:table;line-height:0;text-align:center;width:480px; class=aligncenterimg class= shadow_curl alt=Registering an OSF Network in OSF for Drupal src= width=480 height=360 style=padding:0 !important; margin:0 !important; max-width:100% !important;br/img src= class=shadow_img style=margin:0 !important;height:10px;width:100%;/div/a/p

INsReady: How fast does Drupal grow in China? A perspective from DrupalCampChina 2014

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 12:37
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpMarch 22nd, 2014, we have concluded DrupalCampChina 2014 (a href= This is the second year that a href= Shanghai Community/a has teamed up with a href= (a Shanghai-based volunteer-driven organization and supporters of the China startup and tech community.) to succefully organize DrupalCamp within Barcamp. For those who don't know, Barcamp is the same style as DrupalCamp, but wider topics and larger audience. We organize Barcamp to attract a variety of people in the related industries; In Spring, 2014, this Barcamp received strongover 700 people/strong. On Drupal side, we also had large attendance, fun discussion amp; collaboration and a a href= afterparty/a. I was very happy to see large increase in presentations and people at the DrupalCamp (comparing to a href= 2013/a), and therefore, I am eager to share my observation publicly. /p pimg src= width=100% //p pstrongKeynote attendance doubled/strongbr / Thanks to The Drupal Community Cultivation Grant (and the Committee), this year we received the grant help again to bring in an international well-known Drupal contributor to speak at our camp keynote. a href= Albin Wilkins/a offered the favor and presented Drupal for a Better Web. During his keynote, I realized there were around 200 people packed in this conference room. I also recognized many local Drupal community leaders from other Chinese cities, such as Beijing, Hangzhou, etc. Comparing to last year keynote, we almost had 100% increase in keynote attendance./p pimg src= width=100% //p pstrongSessions doubled/strongbr /a href= year/a, we had one track at the DrupalCamp, and besides a keynote, there were 4 hour-long sessions. This year, we had two tracks and total 8 sessions and a keynote. Thanks to all the presenters at DrupalCamp, you all made this camp succesfull!/p pstrongMarketing presence/strongbr / In the past 3 years of my volunteering and community activities in Shanghai, China. I almost exclusively interacted with developers, designers and entrepreneurs who work with Drupal on daily basis. However, at this DrupalCamp, I saw a person with professional cameras and camcorders busy recording all the sessions. I had a pleasure talking to him, and learned that he doesn't use Drupal, but he believes in his partners who develop a business on Drupal, and he decides to dedicate his efforts of Marketing and Sales for Drupal. As many people would agree, in the Drupal world, we are in high demand of talent, but we are even in higher demand of people who market Drupal well and explain what Drupal is to others. I am glad to see the presence of marketing professionals at this camp, which shows the business side of Drupal is promising in China. I believe they are good at helping companies discover and invest in Drupal as their business solution. /p pimg src= width=100% //p pstrongFuture collaboration/strongbr / 6 Barcamps have been organized in the past 3 years in Shanghai. However, Barcamp didn't get very technical until 2013 we organized a href= 2013/a. This year, we promoted DrupalCamp through the regular channels via Barcamp and media friends. Then at the camp, I saw Javascript, Node.js and a few other stacks of technologies sessions talking about Internet of things. Not only those presenters offered different choices and opinions and helped Drupal to educate the same audience on Internet or Web; but also, most of those presenters support open source and likely the Shanghai Drupal community will extend the communication to those local open source communities for future collaboration. /p pI am very glad how this camp turned out. I see great collaboration between local Drupal community and Drupal Association on bringing an oversee speaker, the collaboration among different communities to organize a large Barcamp and DrupalCamp, the collaboration within the camp during presentations. This collaboration builds us a good foundation to further advocate Drupal in China, and we will see a larger DrupalCamp next year!/p pimg src= width=100% //p pimg src= width=100% //p pMore photos about DrupalCampChina 2014, please see the a href= on Google+/a/p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-files field-type-file field-label-abovediv class=field-labelFiles:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenspan class=fileimg class=file-icon alt= title=image/jpeg src=/modules/file/icons/image-x-generic.png / a href= type=image/jpeg; length=222996PANO_20140322_120703.jpg/a/span/divdiv class=field-item oddspan class=fileimg class=file-icon alt= title=image/jpeg src=/modules/file/icons/image-x-generic.png / a href= type=image/jpeg; length=303066IMG_2591.JPG/a/span/divdiv class=field-item evenspan class=fileimg class=file-icon alt= title=image/jpeg src=/modules/file/icons/image-x-generic.png / a href= type=image/jpeg; length=357780IMG_2624.JPG/a/span/divdiv class=field-item oddspan class=fileimg class=file-icon alt= title=image/jpeg src=/modules/file/icons/image-x-generic.png / a href= type=image/jpeg; length=264519IMG_2575.JPG/a/span/divdiv class=field-item evenspan class=fileimg class=file-icon alt= title=image/jpeg src=/modules/file/icons/image-x-generic.png / a href= type=image/jpeg; length=1339002IMG_2592.JPG/a/span/div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-tag field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-abovediv class=field-labelTag:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/en/taxonomy/drupalplanet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabelDrupal Planet/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/en/taxonomy/term/37 typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabelDrupalCampChina/a/div/div/div