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DrupalEasy: A Taste of Drupal

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 13:12
p dir=ltremThe Dish on Crushing it as a Drupal Developer/em/p p dir=ltrWhether you are with an organization switching to Drupal, or you have chosen to make Drupal the focus of your web developer career, your future can be a lot of different things depending on your goals, your focus and your personality. It’s never easy shifting your career, and with Drupal, there are no official, defined developer career recipes to guide you.  /p p dir=ltrThe good news is, the ingredients are out there. Within the open-sourcey, especially welcoming, social melting pot that is the Drupal Community, there are a lot of a href= resources/a, organizations, individuals, advice and success stories that you can draw on to help you make good choices.  Here are a few tips to add to the mix. /p pstrongemLearn early on to do things the right way/em/strong/p p dir=ltrDrupal is to web development what snowboarding is to winter sports.  They say that it takes a lot longer to learn to snowboard than to ski, but once you get the hang of it, you learn advanced things more quickly, and are able to do a lot more (and have a lot more fun) on a snowboard than you could on skis.  /p p dir=ltrInvesting a good amount of time and focus on learning the foundations of Drupal and developing habits based on best practices will really help you reach proficiency, and let you go farther, faster in the long run. The key is making sure you take the time to learn best practices, and don’t go for shortcuts before you’ve got the basics./p p dir=ltrAnother part of learning the right technical skills is to learn key elements of Drupal, not just in the right way, but in an order that will give you stackable skills. Getting key concepts down at the start will help to not only build your abilities, but feed your confidence.  At DrupalEasy, we call them the Big 5:/p ulli dir=ltr p dir=ltrContent types/p /li li dir=ltr p dir=ltrUsers/roles/permissions/p /li li dir=ltr p dir=ltrTaxonomy/p /li li dir=ltr p dir=ltrBlocks/regions/p /li li dir=ltr p dir=ltrMenus/p /li /ulp dir=ltrWe feel that mastering these concepts is so important, that in our a href= career training/a program, the curriculum is designed with examples and excercises that specifically draw on the Big 5 as solutions over and over to ensure that they become second nature for every participant./p p dir=ltrstrongemDon’t be shy, even if you are/em/strong/p p dir=ltrThe Drupal Community is unique. There is always an opportunity to help, and there always seems to be someone to provide a little guidance or an answer when you have a question.  Make sure you become part of, find an IRC channel that you feel comfortable with, and go to local meetups.  /p p dir=ltrWe really can’t overstate how key getting involved in the Drupal community is to your technical and professional success.  Once you register on, you can access myriad ways to get involved and help with the Drupal project. Helping to test, sorting out issues and contributing to documentation will not only help build your skills and confidence, it will build your reputation.  Even before you are ready to contribute on the technical side, you can join your local Drupal Users’ Group and start by attending, meeting others, and eventually helping to organize events./p p dir=ltrDrupal friends and mentors really come in handy as you progress along your career path, more so than in other industries because of the nature of Drupal. We all rely on each other to build, enhance, fix and grow the project, so the more we work together, the better the project, and the better we will be as Drupal professionals.  We feel really strongly about this as well, which is why we require all of our a href= Career program/a participants to get involved, and we provide everyone  a community mentor to kick-start their community efforts from the start of the program./p p dir=ltrstrongemJust do it, and do it again, and again/em/strong/p p dir=ltrWith anything, if you want to master it, you need to practice, and practice a lot. Build sites for fun and experience. Like snowboarding, it is especially hard when you first start out, but if you stick with it, and take the struggles as opportunities to learn and get better, you will surely succeed. You’ve also got a lot of potential help and guidance through the community (since you have already taken that advice to heart,) so take advantage of it early on and be prepared to give back when you can./p p dir=ltrOur training programs stress this concept of practice, repetition of key skills as you learn more and more, as well as different methods to help you learn them. We are strong believers in building your skills and really understanding Drupal, and that means live instruction by practicing experts, lesson guides, examples, exercises and screencasts to help you soak in the material in different ways. However you learn, take advantage of resources, find different ways to absorb and engage, and practice, practice, practice./p p dir=ltrIf you would like to learn more about how to succeed in Drupal and our long-form training program, you can a href= up/a for one of two, no-cost Taste of Drupal workshops coming up and explore the resources below. /p p dir=ltrstronga href= of Drupal/a free workshop /strong/p p dir=ltra href= Career Resources/a /p p dir=ltra href= Career Online/a Program/p p dir=ltra href= Events Calenda/ar/p p dir=ltra href= Groups/a/pdiv class=feedflare a href= src= border=0/img/a a href= src= border=0/img/a /divimg src= height=1 width=1 alt=/

DrupalOnWindows: Couchbase 4.5 released: now x6 faster than MongoDB

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 07:00
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpLast week the Couchbase team released the new 4.5 version of Couchbase Server./p pYou can see all the new introduced features here:/p pa href= class=form-item form-type-item labelLanguage /label English /div div class=view view-read-more view-id-read_more view-display-id-entity_view_1 view-dom-id-2c3a427f31027d3171e439edee4251f7 div class=view-header hr/ h2More articles.../h2 /div div class=view-content div class=item-list ul li class=views-row views-row-1 views-row-odd views-row-first div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/exposing-reverse-entity-reference-fields-drupalExposing reverse entity reference fields in Drupal/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-2 views-row-even div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/drupal-session-handler-everything-you-need-knowDrupal Session Handler: everything you need to know/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-3 views-row-odd div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/couchbase-45-released-now-x6-faster-mongodbCouchbase 4.5 released: now x6 faster than MongoDB/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-4 views-row-even div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/content/making-namespaced-callbacks-work-drupal-7-without-hacking-core-and-bound-parametersMaking namespaced callbacks work in Drupal 7 (without hacking core and with bound parameters)/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-5 views-row-odd div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/drupal-8-couchbase-integrationDrupal 8 Couchbase Integration/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-6 views-row-even div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/distinct-options-views-exposed-filter-views-selective-filters-moduleDistinct options in a views exposed filter: The Views Selective Filters Module/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-7 views-row-odd div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/twig-php-extension-binaries-windowsTwig PHP extension binaries for Windows/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-8 views-row-even div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/benchmarking-drupal-7-php-7-devBenchmarking Drupal 7 on PHP 7-dev/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-9 views-row-odd div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/drupal-8-wincache-integrationDrupal 8 Wincache Integration/a/span /div/li li class=views-row views-row-10 views-row-even views-row-last div class=views-field views-field-title span class=field-contenta href=/en/blog/build-git-windows-sourcesBuild GIT on Windows from Sources/a/span /div/li /ul/div /div /div