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Drupal Association News: Global Training Days - April 2016 Summary

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 16:46
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpGlobal Training Days this quarter had 38 locations. Not only was this event hosted around the world, but one of the online trainings had students join from 6 continents! Some trainings came together thanks to collaborations of several partners; for example, the NYC training was jointly hosted and organized by Phase2 and Sego Solutions in partnership with Stony Brook University,, TekSystems, and NY Public Library. We also saw camps hold #DrupalGTD training sessions as part of their events at DrupalCamp Transylvania and DrupalCamp Guadalajara. Each participant helps to make the Drupal community stronger, so we'd like to say a big thanks to everyone involved!/p pEach training helps to make Drupal more accessible because attendees are given the fundamentals needed to get started with making their own web projects. See the full list of participants at a href= /aand mark your calendar for the next training events on September 9th and 10th./p div class=storify iframe src=//;template=grid width=100% height=750 frameborder=no allowtransparency=true/iframescript src=//;template=grid/scriptp/pnoscript[a href=// target=_blankView the story Drupal Global Training Days in April 2016 on Storify/a]/noscript/div /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-taxonomy-vocabulary-4 field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-abovediv class=field-labelPersonal blog tags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/taxonomy/term/593Drupal Global Training Day/a/div/div/div

Acquia Developer Center Blog: Drupal 8 Module of the Week: Coffee

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 16:21
div class=field field-name-field-blog-image field-type-image field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image src= width=140 height=85 alt=Drupal 8 logo title=Drupal 8 logo //divdiv class=field-item oddimg typeof=foaf:Image src= width=140 height=85 alt=Coffee module add content shortcut title=Coffee module add content shortcut //divdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image src= width=140 height=85 alt=Coffee Module logo by Nico Grienauer title=Coffee Module logo by Nico Grienauer //divdiv class=field-item oddimg typeof=foaf:Image src= width=140 height=85 alt=Coffee Module search results title=Coffee Module search results //divdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image src= width=140 height=85 alt=Drupal coffee is watching mee title=Drupal coffee is watching mee //div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpEach day, more Drupal 7 modules are being migrated to Drupal 8 and new ones are being created for the Drupal community’s latest major release. In this series, the Acquia Developer Center is profiling some of the most prominent, useful modules, projects, and tools available for Drupal 8. This week, a personal favorite: emstronga href= /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-blog-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-inline clearfixdiv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/tags/acquia-drupal-planet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=acquia drupal planet/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/tags/coffee typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=coffee/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href=/tags/keyboard-shortcut typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=keyboard shortcut/a/div/div/div

ThinkShout: The Southern Poverty Law Center Gets Nominated for a Webby

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 14:00
pHave you heard the news? A ThinkShout-built site has been nominated for a a href=! And yes, it’s a Drupal site./p pThe nominated site is none other than a href=, the online voice of the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization committed to teaching tolerance, battling institutionalized prejudice, and giving a voice to the most vulnerable people in our communities. Our partnership with the SPLC has been a source of great pride for us, as it’s led to an amazing collaboration for our respective teams./p pThe Southern Poverty Law Center demonstrated its commitment to web excellence during the redesign process by investing in a platform that supports the vital work they do in the fight against injustice in our country, making it available and accessible to the people who need it most. This was an incredible undertaking, and I encourage you to check out our a href= study/a on the journey to the relaunch of the SPLC to learn more about the process./p pThe Webbys are perhaps the most prestigious awards of their kind and simply being nominated is an honor. is technically up for two awards in the “Websites - Law” category. The first is a Webby, chosen by the Webby Academy. The second is the People’s Voice Webby. While we can’t affect the outcome of the first award (beyond the work we put into making a great website), the community decides the winner of the second. a href=, you can help a great organization win by voting for the SPLC/a!/p pThe site is the product of countless hours of work and careful planning. We strove to build the SPLC a site that would further their mission and protect them from cyber attacks carried out by the forces of hate they combat every day. Together, we’ve accomplished these goals. We believe that work speaks for itself on the new site, but the improvement is measurable, too: since launch, we’ve tracked a 55% increase in overall traffic year-over-year, with a 120% increase in mobile traffic. From the a href= Map/a – which provides a highly accessible, albeit terrifying view of the rise of hate groups in the U.S. – to the sheer volume of civil rights news and resources made readily available and searchable from any page, the SPLC continues to expand its award-winning voice online. We’re asking you to contribute your vote and show the world that the SPLC deserves the People’s Voice award./p pa href= take a moment to cast your vote for the Southern Poverty Law Center/a. With the Webby’s, your voice makes a difference, so please vote and be heard!/p

Jim Birch: Drupal Podcast Guide

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 04:52
a href=;utm_medium=drupal-planetamp;utm_campaign=node/33 title=Drupal Podcast Guideimg class=img-responsive src= width=620 height=465 alt=Lego Uncle Jim at the Beach title=Lego Uncle Jim at the Beach //abr pUpdated: April 11th, 2016.  While I read a lot, as much as I can about Drupal and Web Development, I feel like I learn even more when I listen. So, while driving to work, or while working out on the treadmill, I listen as much as I can to the great folks below that dedicate their time every week to discussing, training, interviewing, and spreading their knowledge./p pHere is a big list of Podcasts about Drupal that you can subscribe and listen to at your convenience./p h3a href= Podcasts/a/h3 pAcquia's Open Source Evangelist, a href= jam McGuire/a, gives quick interviews of Drupal community members from conferences and events all around the world.  But looking deeper into Acquia's site, you may also stumble upon a href='s Drupal Camp/a in which Mr. McGuire curates great sessions and presentations from previous camps and cons; a href= of PHP/a which is a PHP focused, more technical collection of talks; and a podcast about a href= 8/a./p h3a href= Progression's Hooked on Drupal/a/h3 pFrom Michigan, this podcast features discussion from Commercial Progression's Drupal developers about community events, and development techniques./p pa href=;utm_medium=drupal-planetamp;utm_campaign=node/33 title=Drupal Podcast GuideRead more/a/p blog: A new design system for

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 03:17
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpAs mentioned in our a href= post/a, one of the initiatives we are working on this year is building a new visual system for pIt has been 7 years since Mark Boulton a href= on a design plan for Since then the web has come a long way. So has Drupal. needs a modern design, and the Product team at the Drupal Association has been working steadfastly on a plan to make that happen./p pBuilding on insights from our user research and content strategy work, we have begun laying out a foundation for the future design system for the site./p h2Goal/h2 pUpdate to reflect the flexibility, modernity, and community of Drupal itself./p h2Design Principles/h2 pBefore we started work on the design for we needed to iron out our process and the principles we wanted to keep in mind throughout our work./p pTo that end, a href= and I holed up for a weekend design retreat, which resulted in tons of post-it notes about what design looks like, what it should look like, and what we can learn from others -- to develop the design principles that will move forward./p blockquote class=twitter-tweet data-lang=enp lang=en dir=ltr xml:lang=enWorking on design principles for a href= with a href= a href= p— tvn (@tvnweb) a href= 25, 2015/a/p/blockquote script async= src=// charset=utf-8/scriptp After much deliberation, condensing, rewriting, and discussion with the wider Engineering and Communication teams, these are the principles we found to be our best guiding mantras:/p pstrongStart with user needs./strongbr / We only design for real people. We verify their needs and let that information be our guide when designing anything./p pstrongKeep it simple. Focus./strongbr / We do less, but better. We focus on the areas we can have the most impact. Our designs are simple and clean, and our messages are clear. We strive for brevity and avoid clutter./p pstrongBe consistent. Re-use./strongbr / Our designs should be part of a consistent, cohesive system. We don’t introduce new patterns if we can re-use or improve any of the existing ones./p pstrongBe accessible./strongbr / Our designs should be usable by anyone, on any device or screen size, on a high speed connection or a slow network, by people with different native languages, and regardless of their accessibility needs./p pstrongBe relevant. Try new things./strongbr / Our designs are relevant and fresh. We keep up with the latest trends and are not afraid to try something new./p pstrongIterate quickly./strongbr / We do small and quick iterations, continuously improving the experience. We experiment and test out different approaches./p pstrongUse Data./strongbr / We use data to support and drive our decisions. This includes analytics, data from testing and experiments, data gleaned through user research methods including interviews, surveys, and so on./p pstrongWork openly. Be honest./strongbr / Our designs are honest and authentic, and our intentions are transparent. We call things what they are. We respect our community values. We communicate openly and often./p pstrongEngage and empower./strongbr / We design experiences that unite our users and empower them to collaborate and do great things, because they can./p pstrongBe friendly./strongbr / We create friendly and welcoming environments. We want our users to feel welcome and supported./p h2Design Vision/h2 pOnce we had our design principles in place we needed to move from those abstract guidelines to actual design plans for the website./p pAfter DrupalCon Barcelona, we set aside time for another design retreat. This time tvn lost her voice on day 2, so miming and typing became a fun part of the workflow. /p pOur first step was to create a a href= board/a of inspirational user interfaces to give us a beginning design language and a starting point for discussion./p pThen we began our work with a href= tiles/a. I created four first drafts, informed by our mood board. One was softer, with varying shades of blue. At the other extreme was a largely monochrome design, with only tiny hints of the Drupal blue. After a few rounds of reviews and revisions we came up with the following visual system, which we feel matches our goals and gives a general idea of the mood, colors, and visuals we plan to move towards./p pimg src=/files/final-style-tile.png style tile //p pThe general mood here was inspired by the idea of builders and makers working together to build something larger. We combine blueprint textures, single-width line icons, and an open typeface to make feel like the home to a continually improving framework./p pWe’ve kept the Drupal blue, and tweaked our green to bring it to a cooler shade. We’ve added darker tones for every color to give us more opportunity for high contrast./p pThe end goal is to make a useful space for contributors and users alike with a consistent quality of design throughout the site./p pTo that end, we’ve started work on a pattern library which will categorize all of the different design patterns used on As we build out new patterns for new features they will be added to the library as well. The styles will be automatically inherited from the theme, which will make maintenance of the library as simple as adding relevant content to a page./p h2Iterative Approach/h2 pTo support our a href= prioritization/a we knew we would need to use a very iterative process for launching design updates. Our strategy is to make design updates as we can when a new feature is prioritized. As each area of the site is functionally improved, it receives visual improvements as well. You’ve seen some of these updates already in the Drupal 8 launch and in the smaller updates to since last November./p pimg src=/files/drupal8-tools.png alt=drupal 8 landing page /br /br /img src=/files/drupal8-community.png alt=drupal 8 landing page //p pWith the Drupal 8 launch came a re-styled header for /p pimg src=/files/drupalorg-header.png alt=drupal 8 header and membership drive //p pRelease pages also received a small update to the download area, with clearer calls to action. /p pShortly after that, we held a membership drive with a banner and a front page region highlighting community members. And just a few weeks ago we set up a new banner for promoting community elections to the Board, which can also be used for any important announcements going forward./p h2Next Steps/h2 pOur next big project is Documentation. We’ve been toiling away on these features for months now as part of our overall content restructure work. After the first pass of wireframes and design mockups, we collected input from documentation users via usability testing held remotely and in person at the Drupal Association office in Portland, Oregon, and at DrupalCamp London. Based on all the feedback, we've done a few revisions on our initial ideas and designs. We've spoken with a wide range of community members, from newcomers to masters, and their input was invaluable for arriving at a design that really works for the user./p pimg src=/files/docs-page-1.4.0-cropped.png alt=documentation page //p pYou can see some of the new patterns we’ve begun work on in this mockup, such as the documentation section header and tags. We also have a pattern for related content which isn’t visible in the image. In our usability testing, we found that wayfinders were incredibly important to the experience of documentation, so we spent considerable time on improving the breadcrumbs and menu navigational patterns before arriving at what you see above./p h2How to get involved/h2 pThere are a number of ways to get involved in improving You can read more about general volunteering a href= /p pIf you’re interested in joining our usability testing sessions held both remotely and in person at major Drupal events, please a href= out this form/a and we’ll reach out to you when the next session is being planned./p pTo post an issue about design on, use the project issue queue at a href= Design/a. This issue queue will replace the Bluecheese theme queue going forward as a central place to report issues or inconsistencies with design. Meta discussions of design on are also welcome in the queue./p pIf you’d like to participate in quick design discussions about and be available to give feedback on upcoming design decisions, a href= us on Slack/a at channel #drupalorg-design./p pAs we incrementally roll out new features, you’ll see move ever closer to our updated visual system. Thanks for coming along for the ride!/p /div/div/div

DrupalCon News: Training Spotlight: Frontend and User Experience

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 23:01
div class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item evenpFrontenders rejoice! We have made extra room in our training line-up to include lots of frontend and UX topics. Begin your week at DrupalCon with a training course and get a head start on hot topics such as accessibility, site performance, design strategy and more./p /div/div/div

Doug Vann: Drupal Promotes An Ownership Society, but does Drupal 8 threaten that?

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 21:30
div class=sharethis-buttonsdiv class=sharethis-wrapperspan st_url= st_title=Drupal Promotes An Ownership Society, but does Drupal 8 threaten that? class=st_googleplus_large displayText=googleplus/span span st_url= st_title=Drupal Promotes An Ownership Society, but does Drupal 8 threaten that? class=st_twitter_large displayText=twitter/span span st_url= st_title=Drupal Promotes An Ownership Society, but does Drupal 8 threaten that? class=st_facebook_large displayText=facebook/span span st_url= st_title=Drupal Promotes An Ownership Society, but does Drupal 8 threaten that? class=st_linkedin_large displayText=linkedin/span /div/div div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenp class=p1span class=s1Those who know me at all likely know that I have a few catch-phrases I use when trying to explain the impact that Drupal has had on the market for organizations and individuals needing quality web sites./span/p h2 class=p1span class=s1DRUPAL PROMOTES AN OWNERSHIP SOCIETY /span/h2 p class=p1span class=s1is a phrase that I have used for years and years. When I say that I seek to convey the fact that many organizations and individuals are choosing to rely less on outside vendors and more on internal talent to get things done. I have come to this conclusion simply by observation. As I became more and more in demand I found that many organizations wanted me to come in and empower THEIR STAFF to do the work that needed done. In some cases they already had a site that a vendor built but they wanted to improve it. Others had no site and wanted to build the thing form scratch and learn how to use Drupal along the way. Either way, these clients were going ALL IN for Drupal and decided that Drupal was a tool to have IN THEIR OWN tool belt to use whenever they need it./span/p p class=p1span class=s1Who are these organizations choosing to OWN the Drupal process and rely less on vendors? They are Universities, Governments [Fed, State, Local, etc,] Tech companies, Media companies, nbsp;Marketing companies, Agencies, etc. They see others, sometimes competitors, leveraging Drupal and they want the same power, but without the price tag. They know that Drupal is Open Source, meaning free, so they check it out and get so far until they decide they need a push. The come to the point where they need a formal engagement by a knowledgable trainer who can walk with them through a tailored learning experience that addresses the kinds of projects that they will be building. They don't want package {A} or {B} or {C} to choose from. They want to own a personal Drupal training experience to equip them to build their personal web experience./span/p p class=p1span class=s1And that is exactly what I give them!/span/p p class=p1span class=s1So.... How's that going for you?nbsp;/span/p p class=p1span class=s1I've kept in touch with these clients amp; I see many of them attending and participating in Drupal events. I watch them launch site after site. Some of them wind up hiring in some Drupal talent to augment the staff. When that Drupal talent arrives, the other staff are already bwell oriented to the ways of the Drupal/b! [Hmm. perhaps a new catch phrase!?]nbsp;/span/p p class=p1span class=s1Let’s not forget too that many of these organizations have cancelled their expensive licenses for proprietary CMSs and are now enjoying a more agile and productive process of increasing their web-appeal./span/p p class=p1span class=s1AND ALONG CAME DRUPAL 8/span/p p class=p1span class=s1I've criss-crossed the country teaching Site Building, Theming, Module Development. People have been amazed at what you can do with Drupal core, some Contribute modules and NO CODE! But the fact is that you are highly likely to need code eventually. If you truly want to create the website EXACTLY to specs, then a little hook here and a little hook there and a theme-variable or 3 or 4 will get you considerably closer to those specs. One custom module with 1 to 4 hooks along with a dozen lines in your template.php and a few extra print commands in a few TPL files will make significant changes to your site. I have taught people how to do this for years and they LOVE THE POWER./span/p p class=p1span class=s1Now I look out at the landscape of Drupal 8 and I am trying to imagine going back to those same clients and telling them to forget it ALL and learn OOP, Symfony2, PSR, and Twig. Is it possible? sure it is! Can I do it all in one week? Not at all likely. Drupal 8 is a game-changer primarily because it threw out most of the rules and started over. So what is an accomplished Drupal trainer and consultant to do? Well. I have discussed this with some of my clients. Some are choosing to ignore Drupal 8 until more contrib modules come of-age. Some are thinking they will ride out their volume of D7 sites until D9 is a topic and the idea of D7 end-of-life is a concern. NONE are overly anxious to start over and jump into a world where most of what they learned before no longer applies./span/p p class=p1span class=s1And yes.... I do tell them that a href= target=_blankBACKDROP CMS/a is a viable solution to get tomorrow's features built on a platform that they already know and enjoy and are skilled at./span/p p class=p1span class=s1So you tell me. Have you observed organizations and individuals taking an ownership position of Drupal and relying less on vendors? Do you agree that that approach is more difficult for “many” organizations due to the degree of code rewrite that D8 experienced?/span/p p class=p1span class=s1I gotta be honest... When someone asks me D7 or D8? I ask them, do you or your organization plan on OWNING the site or do you want to rely on vendors? Along with that I will ask, do you have some young Comp-Sci cats in your org who can be delighted by the near-MVC-like rewrite of Drupal?/span/p p class=p1span class=s1Insert the usual caveat / I believe in D8 and its power to bring Drupal to whole new levels of appeal to bigger markets. I also believe that smaller markets have already been and will continue to be put-off by the volume of changes that do not necessarily add value to the ways in which these smaller markets utilize this powerful tool./span/p p class=p1span class=s1Alrighty... SHIELDS UP! Sock it to me, PLEASE, in the comments below! :-)nbsp;/span/p/div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-blogtype field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/category/blog-type/drupal-planetDrupal Planet/a/div/div/divdiv id=disqus_threadnoscriptpa href= the discussion thread./a/p/noscript/div

Red Crackle: Configuring Drupal With Elasticsearch For Facet Search Functionality

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 20:00
This article integrates Drupal with Elasticsearch to introduce Facet search functionality. You will be taken through the step-by-step procedure through a series of screenshots. By the end of this article, you will be able to select and display items on a page based on specific search criteria.

Pantheon Blog: Modern Command Line Tools for Drupal Modules with Drush and Drupal Console

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 18:55
Having a command line interface to the functionality provided by Drupal modules has been a highly valuable and widely-used feature that has been used for many years. Today, there are over 500 Drupal modules that provide Drush commands, and the number keeps growing.  On top of this, some modules have started to use Drupal Console to implement their command line tools. Drupal Console provides an object-oriented interface and a host of utility functions provided by the Symfony Console libraries.

Drupal Association News: Honoring DrupalCon Volunteers

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 18:22
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpHello, Drupal world! We are thrilled to be able to give you an inside peek at what goes into planning DrupalCons. Throughout 2016, we’ll share a series of posts, and a few webcasts, to show some behind-the-scenes aspects of DrupalCon. In honor of National Volunteer Week, this month's DrupalCon post highlights how an army of amazing, dedicated volunteers is behind every DrupalCon./p pimg alt=Volunteer posing with Con team class=right src= style=width: 300px; height: 308px; /If you’ve ever attended a DrupalCon, you probably remember the Drupal Association standing onstage and saying that this event ‘couldn’t happen without our amazing volunteers.’ We normally have a round of applause for the volunteers at each particular Con, but that still doesn't fully convey how much of the Con is lead by some fantastic community members. In this blog we want to help quantify how much time and energy these volunteers give to help create a memorable and enriching Con for you./p pBefore you even know there is a Con happening in any city, volunteers are already on board helping to make it happen. Once the city has been decided and finalized by the Drupal Association, we loop in a small group of community leaders in the secret city to come together and help us make a splash when we announce the next year’s Con location./p pBesfore the Con has even been announced, these 4-6 volunteers work to put together a document that guides our designer in the logo creation and branding of the still-secret event. The community gives input during the design process of the logo, sticker and splash page that goes live after the announcement. The announcement is another way that the volunteers make an impact by dreaming up an awesome way to tell you about how awesome their city is and why you should come to DrupalCon the next year./p pimg alt=Sprint mentors meeting in Los Angeles class=right src= style=width: 300px; height: 200px; /Once we have publically announced a location, the Drupal Association reaches out to more volunteers to build the Program Team. This team includes various groups of volunteers who make a huge impact on your DrupalCon experience. Here is a quick rundown of how committed these volunteers are and how their contribution shapes the Con./p ulli strongTrack Team - /strongwith two to three volunteers per track, this is the team that sets the tone of what content you will be hearing in sessions. They begin thinking about this at least 5 months before the Con and meet weekly to move the session content forward. Between writing track descriptions, reaching out to speakers to curate sessions, reading every single session submission, helping build the schedule and later acting as coaches for their speakers, this team signs up for a long and heavy time commitment and the fruits of their labor results in amazing sessions. In New Orleans we have 130 hand-selected sessions thanks to this dedicated team. Additional Selection Committees - we also call on the help and expertise of various other community volunteers in selecting more things related to DrupalCon. For the incredible training course proposals that we get, we have a team dedicated to selecting the 15 that should be offered. We also have a team tasked with the duty of reading each grant and scholarship application and making the difficult decisions about who is given an award to come to the DrupalCon./li /ululli strongSummit Leads -/strong each Summit is led by a small team who works to develop a full day of engaging and educational content that will allow attendees to get the most out of the Con by adding this Monday ticket event to their trip. Our Summit Leads begin working 4 months before the Con to line-up panel guest speakers, organize multiple round table topic leaders, create the flow of the day as well as emcee their event. If you’ve ever attended a Summit, we hope that you appreciate the time and energy that these Leads have committed to making your day great./li /ululli strongSprint Leads -/strong this team of leads works year-round to help create sprints that are welcoming and engaging and DrupalCons are no different. Beginning planning a few months in advance of the Con, this team takes on 9 days of sprint coordination (all those extended sprints on the weekends before and after the Con, Monday Contribution Sprints, Sprint Lounge during the week and Friday Sprint Day). They also have a booth in the Exhibit Hall where you can learn about sprinting, contributing and how you can get involved. They also work to lead an amazing group of additional volunteer Sprint Mentors who help make these sprints a learning experience for many newer contributors./li /ululli strongSprint Mentors -/strong this group of sometimes up to 75 is mainly recognizable in their bright colored Con shirts on Fridays - helping to make sure new contributors are set-up to learn how to give back to Drupal. These mentors come from around the world and attend a training on being mentors to hundreds of DrupalCon attendees and truly dedicate their time and energy to the community with this role./li /ululli strongCommunity Leaders -/strong after helping plan the big reveal of their city, the community leaders stay throughout the months before the Con to make sure that the Con gets an injection of the host city into the fun-filled week. If you’ve ever found a blog about local restaurants or learned about a popular app in a new country, the local community leads are more than likely to thank as the work to provide helpful content that makes your time in their city the best ever./li /ululli strongPrenote Performers - /strongnow an institution at DrupalCon, the Prenote has become a staple of Con content. The known suspects as well as local participants put in countless hours of time to craft a script, original songs and multiple antics that share the story of Drupal while making us laugh -- kicking the Con off right./li /ulpimg alt=DrupalCon New Orleans Program Team Zoom Call src= //p pApart from the Program Team, there are still many more volunteers who give time and knowledge to making DrupalCon special. Below are some of the many ways that volunteers are involved with shaping the Con:/p ulli strongSpeakers - /strongalthough the speakers get a free ticket to the Con, we consider them volunteers because in choosing to speak at DrupalCon they are providing us with an incredible session that takes a lot of time and energy to create. Many hours go into a single presentation before you hear it at the Con, and with over 150 speakers at DrupalCon New Orleans, we are thankful to have so many talented volunteers sharing their experience with our Drupalistas./li /ululli strongOn-site Volunteers - /strongthe days before the Con involve over 50 volunteers who help us prepare for the barrage of Drupalers who arrive to enjoy a week of all things Drupal. From organizing over 3,000 t-shirts to stuffing that tote bag you get with multiple sponsor goodies, this power-team of volunteers are like a machine and deserve a huge round of applause for hard work. Once those tasks are complete, we have many volunteers who also help at the registration desk, counting session room attendance, and checking in with sponsors. There is literally of sea of volunteers at all times making sure DrupalCon is going smoothly./li /ululli strongRecurring Con Volunteers -/strong some volunteers take on an element of the Con and just own it. Group photos and photography shots come from an amazing photography team composed of new volunteer photographers and some that have been taking photos at Drupal events for years. Our social media team is on point year-round to make sure that you’re always getting the most up-to-date info about the next Con. These volunteers have become almost permanent extensions of our Drupal Association team. We're grateful to work with our recurring volunteers because not only do they rock at what they do, but gosh, they're fun!/li /ululli strongThe Community Working Group -/strong with the Code of Conduct in effect at every Con, this group might go unnoticed but plays a huge role in making DrupalCon welcoming and inclusive for all attendees. Available to mediate and work through incidents, this group is an important part of making a Con a Con./li /ulpimg alt=Sprint Mentors in Los Angeles class=right src= style=width: 400px; height: 179px; /As you can see, when we say this couldn’t happen without the volunteers, we MEAN IT./p pI consider myself very lucky to primarily work with volunteers around the world who are so passionate and invested in creating a DrupalCon for you. I spend a lot of time on Zoom calls and in Slack channels with many of these volunteers. During working hours, on weekends, and at the event itself, these volunteers put a lot of themselves into these Cons and I sometimes step back and appreciate how incredible the Drupal community is./p pI do my best to thank these volunteers often, reminding myself that each and everyone of them has a life and other priorities and that they are choosing to make DrupalCon important, but as it is National Volunteer Week, I would like to take a moment to list the DrupalCon New Orleans volunteers below and specifically say THANK YOU for all of your hard work - it is valued and appreciated not only by the team at the Drupal Association but by the community as well./p h2 Program Volunteers/h2 pPamela Barone, Donna Benjamin, Pedro Cambra, Michael Cannon, Ian Carrico, Karyn Cassio, Stuart Clark, Matt Davis, Jess Dearie, Shawn DeArmond, Jeff Diecks, Mauricio Dinarte, Robert Douglass, Larry Garfield, Rob Gill, Becca Goodman, Paul Grotevant, Adam Hill, Lucas Hedding, David Hwang, Paul Johnson, Sherri Johnson, Adam Juran, Alex Laughnan, Dan Linn, Greg Lund-Chaix, Alina Mackenzie, Kathryn McClintock, Jeffrey McGuire, Ashok Modi, Diana Montalion, Mike Nielson, Steve Parks, Jon Peck, Joel Pittet, Koen Platteeuw, Tim Plunkett, Ryan Price, Justin Rhodes, Jason Savino, Michael Schmid, Sabrina Schmidt, Eric Schmidt, Eric Sembrat, Seth Silesky, Lauren Smith, Nikki Stevens, Joe Stewart, Ashleigh Thevenet, Cathy Theys, Campbell Vertesi, Shannon Vettes, Jason Want, Heather White, Jason Yee/p h2 Sprint Mentors/h2 pAlina Mackenzie (alimac), Adam Smeets (asmeets), Ravindra Singh (RavindraSingh), Cathy Theys (YesCT), Gobinath Mallaiyan (gobinathm), David Valdez (gnuget), Aman Kanoria (amankanoria), Joël Pittet (joelpittet), John Cook (John Cook), Chris McCafferty (cilefen), David Hernandez (davidhernandez), manmohan bisht (manmohandream), Mike Keran (mikeker), Ashwini Kumar (ashwinikumar), Eleanor Wai (eleanor_wai), Mauricio Dinarte (dinarcon), Prabhu Narayanpethkar (prabhurajn654), Maninder Singh (Maninders), Maninder Singh (Maninders), Lucas Hedding (heddn), Hitesh Jain (hitesh-jain), Steve Purkiss (stevepurkiss), Anto Jose (antojose), Piyuesh Kumar (piyuesh23), Saket Kumar (saki007ster), Manauwar Alam (manauwarsheikh), Les Lim (Les Lim), Ajit Shinde (AjitS), Marc Drummond (mdrummond), Nikki Stevens (drnikki), Neetu Morwani (neetu morwani), Prashant Goel (prashantgoel), Tim Erickson (stpaultim), Daniel Carvalhinho (dscl), Lalit Nirban (lalit3007), Joaz Rivera (m3chas), Junaid Masoodi (junaidmasoodi), Christian Manalansan (cmanalansan), Blake Hall (blakehall), Abhishek Anand (abhishek-anand), Amber Matz (Amber Himes Matz), Darryl Norris (darol100) David Needham (davidneedham), Kristin Bradham (kristink2), Diana VanRooy (thenyouDi), Marc Isaacson (vegantriathlete), Carlos Ospina (camoa), Patrick Storey (Patrick Storey), William Hetherington (willwh), Ravish Gupta (ravyg), Valery Lourie (valthebald) Seth Silesky (sethsilesky), Stuart Clark (Deciphered), Barbara Errickson (barbarae), Cristina Chumillas (ckrina)/p h2 Speakers/h2 pHussain Abbas, Mary Albert, John Albin Wilkins, Kelly Albrecht, Greg Anderson, Geoff Appleby, Ronald Ashri, Ryan Aslett, Morten Birch, Kristina Bjoran, Abe Brewster, Jesse Browne, Amitai Burstein, Angie Byron, Ian Carrico, Leigh Carver, Karyn Cassio, Marji Cermak, Matt Cheney, Gus Childs, Chaz Chumley, Courtney Clark, Casey Cobb, Ashish Dalvi, Matt Davis, Aimee Degnan, George Demet, Alex Dergachev, Suzanne Dergacheva, Nikhil Deshpande, Frederic Dewinne, Jeff Diecks, Daniel Dreier, Marc Drummond, Jeff Eaton, Stephanie El-Hajj, Adam Englander, Brad Erickson, Lauri Eskola, Edward Faulkner, Mark Ferree, John Ferris, Jessi Fischer, Fabian Franz, Pieter Frenssen, Larry Garfield, Yuriy Gerasimov, Aditya Ghan, Mike Gifford, Matt Glaman, Micah Godbolt, Drew Gorton, Nicolas Grekas, Rudy Grigar, Jody Hamilton, Mike Herchel, David Hernandez, Michael Hess, Jason Hibbets, Amber Himes Matz, Mikkel Høgh, Gábor Hojtsy, Chris Hoult, David Hwang, Marcus Iannozzi, Allie Jones, Adam Juran, Adam Kapp, John Kary, John Kennedy, Greg Knaddison, Randall Knutson, Josh Koenig, Charles Kreitzberg, Michelle Krejci, Kat Kuhl, Ashwini Kumar, Saket Kumar, Piyuesh Kumar, Wim Leers, Brian Lewis, Les Lim, Dan Linn, Clay Marshall, Tom Martin, Sophie Matson, Jeffrey McGuire, Catharine McNally, Oscar Merida, Steven Merrill, Brett Meyer, Michael Miles, Josh Miller, Tim Millwood, Igor Minar, Gaurav Mishra, Jesus Molivas, John Money, Jess Mybro, David Needham, Narayan Newton, Dani Nordin, Darryl Norris, Ron Northcutt, Dick Olsson, John Ouellet, Jason Pamentalm, Jon Peck, Steve Persch, Piyush Poddar, Kristen Pol, Fabien Potencier, Alex Pott, Taco Potze, Ellie Power, Luke Probasco, Ilan Rabinovitch, Scott Reeves, Dave Reid, Adrian Rollett, Chris Rooney, Chris Russo, Susan Rust, Terrence Ryan, Peter Sawczynec, Dave Sawyer, Michael Schmid, Roy Scholton, Michael Sherron, Joe Shindelar, Sebastian Siemssen, Michael Silverman, Preston So, David Spira, Anne Stefanyk, Nikki Stevens, Karen Stevenson, Nick Stielau, Matt Stratton, David Strauss, Ryan Szrama, Patrick Teglia, Chris Teitzel, Dave Terry, Kyle Theobald, Ashleigh Thevenet, Bjorn Thomson, Travis Tidwell, Matthew Tift, Howard Tizzo, Vanessa Turke, Tatiana Ugrimova, Chris Urban, Kristof Van Tomme, Jeff Walpole, Ryan Weaver, Daniel Wehner, Moshe Weitzman, Lynn Winter, Peter Wolanin, Chris Wright, Bojan Živanović, Helena Zubkow/p pstrongImage credit goes to the following photographers:/strongbr /emDrupalCon Asia Volunteer Selfie : Michael Cannonbr / Education Summit Meeting : Paul Johnsonbr / Zoom Screenshot Photo : David Hwangbr / DrupalCon Los Angeles Sprint Mentors: Jared Smith/em/p /div/div/div

Drupal @ Penn State: Lower the Drupal 8 development barrier to entry by using the Drupal Console to generate boiler plate code.

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 18:06
pI admit that I haven't really looked at Drupal 8 too much yet. There is a variety of reasons why I haven't and I surely don't want this to turn into a forum listing the pros and cons of D8. We can leave that for another post. /p p/p

The Sego Blog: Drupal 8 Module Development Resources

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 15:54
div class=field field-name-post-date field-type-ds field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even04/11/2016/div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-title field-type-ds field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=dc:titleh2a href=/nyc-drupal8-training-dayDrupal 8 Module Development Resources/a/h2/div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpThis a href= weekend/a we were honored to co-host the Drupal Global Training day at a href= in NYC. This training was focused on Drupal 8 module development. We have been training on the ins and out of Drupal 8 module development for over a year now but this time we changed the format, considerably. I think for the better! /p pUsing the a href= Notices module/a, developed by Ted Bowman, we put together an exercise that walks you through building the functionality it exposes step by step. We also built a list of resources chock full of links pertaining to various tools and docs for getting your chops up with D8 development. /p pAll this work is open source and a href= at this link/a. I am really hoping that this content can serve as a valuable resource for folks looking to learn the proper flow of developing a Drupal 8 module./p pThere are so many exciting concepts and programming patterns to explore in D8, we hope you continue to join us during this jounrney. /p pMega thanks to everyone that helped make this happen! /p pa href= alt= src=/sites/default/files/da-global-training-days-rgb.png style=border-style:solid; border-width:0px; height:131px; width:463px //a/p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-ds-user-picture field-type-ds field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image src= alt=Nick#039;s picture title=Nick#039;s picture //div/div/div

Acquia Developer Center Blog: The Faichi Story: From Unknown Drupal Shop to Top 10 in 6 months

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 15:21
div class=field field-name-field-blog-image field-type-image field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenimg typeof=foaf:Image src= width=140 height=85 alt= //div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpIt all started at DrupalCon Barcelona, when Shailesh Gogate, VP at a href= Faichi Solutions/a, met Johanna Boel Bergmann, the Account Manager, Drupal Businesses at the Drupal Association./p pJohanna had never heard of Faichi; she had never seen it in the a href= This even though our company has been working with big enterprise clients for the past five years, as well as contributing to pThat was an eye­-opener for Shailesh. When he returned to India, he shared his findings with Faichi’s engineers and senior management. They took the feedback very seriously. They decided to create a plan to show their presence: not only in the Drupal Marketplace, but to the whole Drupal community./p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-blog-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-inline clearfixdiv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/tags/acquia-drupal-planet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=acquia drupal planet/a/div/div/div

Chapter Three: Javascript testing comes to Drupal 8

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 13:47
pWith the arrival of Drupal 8.1.0 finally you can test javascript interactions on This is culmination of years of work by many developers to improve the testing API and infrastructure. Without the improvements delivered by Drupal 8 it'd be hard to leverage a href=http://mink.behat.orgMink/a, a href= and a href= to run our tests, and without the new a href= infrastructure we'd have nowhere to run the tests./pbr / br / pa href= alt=PhantomJS data-picture-align=center src=/sites/default/files/Blogs/alexpott/phantomjs-logo.png height=80 width=240 //a/p

Drop Guard: Big update: the new onboarding process, improved patching workflow and more

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 12:14
span data-quickedit-field-id=node/61/title/en/rss class=field field--name-title field--type-string field--label-hiddenBig update: the new onboarding process, improved patching workflow and more/span span data-quickedit-field-id=node/61/uid/en/rss class=field field--name-uid field--type-entity-reference field--label-hiddenspanIgor Kandyba/span/span span data-quickedit-field-id=node/61/created/en/rss class=field field--name-created field--type-created field--label-hiddenMon, 11.04.2016 - 12:14/span div data-quickedit-field-id=node/61/field_teaser_image/en/rss class=field field--name-field-teaser-image field--type-image field--label-hidden field__item img src=/blog/sites/default/files/styles/medium/public/2016-04/drop-guard-security-updates.jpg?itok=0cqapPgW width=220 height=113 alt=Drop Guard security updates detected class=image-style-medium / /div div data-quickedit-field-id=node/61/body/en/rss class=clearfix text-formatted field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden field__itempToday, we’re excited to introduce you to a number of new features, improvements and fixes for Drop Guard - the first update in the series of releases planned for 2016.  It includes many enhancements designed to improve user experience when creating projects in Drop Guard, support for the Unsupported updates, and even smarter automated patching workflow. Read below to learn about the major improvements and don't forget to check your Drop Guard account to check it by yourself. Let's dive right in!/p /div div data-quickedit-field-id=node/61/field_blog_post_tags/en/rss class=field field--name-field-blog-post-tags field--type-entity-reference field--label-hidden field__items div class=field__itema href=/blog/taxonomy/term/7 hreflang=enDrop Guard/a/div div class=field__itema href=/blog/taxonomy/term/33 hreflang=enfeatures/a/div div class=field__itema href=/blog/taxonomy/term/3 hreflang=enDrupal Planet/a/div /div

Kristof De Jaeger: Taking a (Drupal 8) website offline using AppCache

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 11:41
div class=submittedspan class=metaWritten on April 11, 2016 - 11:41/span/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpA native mobile application which can cache the data locally is a way to make content available offline. However, not everyone has the time and/or money to create a dedicated app, and frankly, it's not always an additional asset. What if browsers could work without network connection but still serve content: Application Cache and/or Service Workers to the rescue!/p pFor a href= target=_blankFrontend United 2016/a, a href= target=_blankMathieu/a and I experimented to see how far we could take AppCache and make the sessions, speakers and some additional content available offline using data from within the Drupal site. There are a couple of pitfalls when implementing this, of which some are nasty (see the list apart link at the bottom for more information). Comes in Drupal which adds another layer of complexity, with its dynamic nature of content and themes. Javascript and css aggregation is also extremely tricky to get right. So after trial and error and a lot of reading, we came up with the following concept:/p ol liOnly add the manifest attribute to all offline pages which are completely separate from online pages, even though they might serve the same content. In other words, you create a sandboxed version of some content of your site which can live on its own. Another technique is a hidden iframe which loads a page which contains the html tag with the manifest attribute. You can embed this iframe on any page you like. This gives you the option to create a page where you link to as an opt-in to get a site offline. Both techniques give us full control and no side affects so that when network is available the site works normally./li liYou define the pages which you want to store in the cache. They are served by Drupal, but on a different route than the original (e.g. node/1 becomes offline/node/1) and use different templates. These are twig templates so you can override the defaults to your own needs. Other information like stylesheet and javascript files can be configured too to be included./li liThe manifest thus contains everything that we need to create the offline version when your device has no network connection. In our case, it contains the list of speakers and sessions, content pages and some assets like javascript, stylesheet, logo and images./li /ol h3Offline in the browser or on the homescreen/h3 pGo to the a href= target=_blankOffline homepage/a of Frontend United and wait until the 'The content is now available offline!' message appears, which means you just downloaded strong672 kb/strong of data - it is really really small, surprising no? Now switch off your network connection and reload the browser: still there! Click around and you'll be able to check the offline version at any time. If you're on a mobile device, the experience can be even sweeter: you can add this page to your homescreen, making it available as an 'app'. On iOS, you need to open the app once while still being connected to the network. We really do hope safari/iOS fixes this behavior since this is not necessary on Android. After that, turn off your network and launch the app again. Oh, and it works on a strongwatch/strong too if you have a browser on it. If that isn't cool, we don't know what else is! We have a little video to show you how it looks like. Watch (pun intended) and enjoy! Oh, in case we make changes to the pages, you will see a different notification telling you that the content has been updated - if your device has network of course./p p class=youtubeiframe width=560 height=315 src= frameborder=0 allowfullscreen/iframe/p h3Drupal integration/h3 pWe've created a new project on, called a href= target=blankOffline App/a, available for Drupal 8. The project contains the necessary code and routes for generating the appcache, iframe, pages (nodes and views) and settings to manipulate the manifest content. 3 new regions are exposed in which you can place the content for offline use. Those regions are used in offline-app-page.html.twig - but any region is available if you want to customize. Two additional view modes are created for content types and the read more link can be made available in the 'Offline teaser' mode. Formatters are available for long texts to strip internal links and certain tags (e.g. embed and iframe) and for images that will make sure that 'Link to content' is pointing to the 'Offline path'. Last, but not least, an 'Offline' Views display is available for creating lists. We're still in the process in making everything even more flexible and less error-prone when configuring the application. However, the code that is currently available, is used as is on the Fronted United website right now./p pThis module does not pretend to be the ultimate solution for offline content, see it as an example to quickly expose a manifest containing URL's from an existing Drupal installation for an offline version of your website. Other Drupal projects are available trying to integrate with AppCache or Service workers, however, some are unsupported or in a very premature state, apart from a href= Note that I've been in contact with Théodore already and we'll see how we combine our efforts for coming up with one single solution instead of having multiple ones./p h3What about service workers ?/h3 pNot all browsers support the API yet. Even though AppCache is marked deprecated, we wanted to make sure everyone could have the same offline experience. However, we'll start adding support for service workers soon using the same concept./p pWe're also planning to start experimenting with delivering personal content as well, since that's also possible, yet a little trickier./p h3Links/h3 ul lia href= target=_blank lia href= target=_blank lia href= target=_blank lia href= lia href= lia href= lia href= target=_blank /ul/div/div/div

Evolving Web: Bringing files along for the ride to D8

Mon, 04/11/2016 - 03:24
a href= img src= width=220 height=142 alt=A nice ride typeof=Image class=img-responsive / /apWe just upgraded our site to Drupal 8, and a big part of that was migrating content. Most content was in JSON files or SQL dumps, which are supported by Drupal's migrate module. But what about images and other files? How could we bring those along?/p pWe'll show how to write a custom migrate process plugin!/p a href= hreflang=enread more/a

Lullabot: Lullabot DrupalCon Sessions 2016

Sun, 04/10/2016 - 10:29
div class=rich-textpThis year we have a stellar lineup of sessions by the a href=https://www.lullabot.comLullabot/a and a href= teams which were accepted for a href= North America being held in New Orleans/a. Take a look at who is presenting and read a short synopsis of what they#x2019;ll be talking about./p h2Coding and Development/h2 h2a href=, Extending, and Enhancing Drupal 8/a - a href= Shindelar/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content A large part of Drupalapos;s appeal lies in its flexibility. The fact that a developer can alter, extend, and enhance almost any aspect of Drupal without having to hack core. Historically this versatility has been made possible through the existence of hooks. Specially named PHP functions that are executed at critical points during the fulfillment of a request. And theyapos;ve served the framework well for years. But times are changing, and Drupal 8 offers a variety of new patterns that all module developers will be required to learn, and understand. /div/blockquote/div h2a href= Management for Developers in Drupal 8/a - a href= Tift/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content Is the configuration system your favorite feature of Drupal 8? Are you interested in doing continuous integration? Do you want to easily export all of your Drupal configuration to code? Interested in building a best practice continuous integration and deployment solution? This session, hosted by co-maintainers of the configuration system, will focus on how Drupal 8apos;s configuration management system works, how to integrate it with a continuous integration system, and what developers can do to extend its power through contributed modules and custom code. Come with your questions and learn more about this magical part of Drupal 8. /div/blockquote/div h2Core Conversations/h2 h2a href= (admin) as an application: More JavaScript in core?/a - a href= Drummond/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content In recent months, much debate has revolved around the compelling user experiences increasingly accompanying the runaway growth of JavaScript frameworks. Some argue that Drupal already has many moving parts and should evolve toward more seamless user experiences with existing tools and better processes. Some argue that Drupal should address this trend with additional capabilities for JavaScript in the form of a JavaScript framework. Some argue we should look at using modern PHP and JavaScript technologies that don#x2019;t require a JavaScript framework. Others have positions that fall both inside and outside this spectrum! /div/blockquote/div h2a href= to Let Go (Contrib Burnout) and Module Giveaway/a - a href= Reid/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content How can someone deeply involved in the Drupal contributed module ecosystem start to step away? How do we handle burnout not just in Drupal core development, but in contrib? Iapos;d like to engage a conversation based the challenges I have encountered and currently face personally/emotionally on my journey from being one of the top contributors to Drupal 7, prolific writer of modules, to someone starting a family and needing to rebalance their personal, work, and Drupal life. With so much focus on getting people involved in, are there technical solutions we can explore to help make active contributors happier? /div/blockquote/div h2a href= Is Getting An Overhaul/a - a href= Shindelar/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content Having high-quality documentation available for is key to gaining wider adoption, growing the community, and the overall success of the Drupal project. I want to share the work related to documentation going on in the community, as well as some of our plans for continued improvement in the future. /div/blockquote/div h2Front End/h2 h2a href=, Profiling, amp; Rocking Out with Browser-Based Developer Tools!/a - a href= Herchel/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content Browser based developer tools have become an indispensable tool for modern front-end web development. New features and changes are being added at a rapid pace, and keeping up with all of the changes is difficult, but well worth it! In this session, Mike will walk attendees through modern debugging techniques, tips and tricks, front-end profiling, and more! /div/blockquote/div h2a href= up responsive images: Make a plan before you Drupal/a - a href= Drummond/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content Drupal 8 has built-in responsive images support based off of Drupal 7#x2019;s contributed Picture and Breakpoint modules. Understanding how to use those modules without first making a plan could easily lead to a cat-tastrophe! /div/blockquote/div h2Horizons/h2 h2a href= up Drupal/a - a href= Stevenson/a, a href= Tift/a, and a href= Drummond/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content In many cases, the mobile web is a slow and frustrating experience. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project which involves Google is an open source initiative that embodies the vision that publishers can create mobile optimized content once and have it load instantly everywhere. When AMP was first introduced last October 2015, many commentators immediately compared it to Facebookapos;s Instant Articles and Appleapos;s News app. One of the biggest differentiators between AMP and other solutions is the fact that AMP is open source. /div/blockquote/div h2a href= the Blink: Add Drupal to Your IoT Playground/a - a href= Himes Matz/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content What does making a light blink have to do with Drupal? Come to this session to find out how you can add Drupal to your Internet of Things data playground. (THERE WILL BE BLINKING LIGHTS.) /div/blockquote/div h2Site Building/h2 h2a href= Bridging Design and Structured Content/a - a href= Eaton/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content For years we#x2019;ve talked about separating content and presentation. Structure, reuse, and standardization are the name of the game in a future-friendly, multi-channel world #x2014; aesthetics are someone else#x2019;s concern #x2026; right? /div/blockquote/div h2UX/h2 h2a href= Accessibility 101: Principles, Concepts, and Financial Viability/a - a href= Zubkow/a/h2 div class=quote quote--highlightblockquote class=quote__quotediv class=quote__content If your website wouldnapos;t work for anyone living in the state of New York, would that be a launch-blocker? Of course! So why are we ignoring the even larger population of people with disabilities? /div/blockquote/div pa href= by: Jeff Turner/a#xA0;and used via Creative Commons License/p /div