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Unimity Solutions Drupal Blog: Takeaways from DrupalCon Amsterdam

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 15:27
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpa href= Amsterdam Keynote by Dries /u/awas interesting and different./p/div/div/div

Acquia: How to setup auto-translation of nodes using Rules and Tmgmt

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 14:17
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden div class=field-items div property=content:encoded class=field-item evenpThis how-to guide describes how to set up automatic machine-based translations for content on a Drupal site. Whenever a node is created, translation jobs will be created for every language specified, and depending on how you set up your translator, you should be able to completely automate the translation process. For this project we are using SDL, but you should be able to use other translators. /p pstrong1. Download and enable the translation management modules/strong. This can be done through Drush or through the modules interface in drupal./p p/p/div /div /div span property=dc:title content=How to setup auto-translation of nodes using Rules and Tmgmt class=rdf-meta/span

InternetDevels: Ready! Drupal! Action! DrupalCon Amsterdam!

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 12:05
div class=field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hiddendiv class=field__itemsdiv class=field__item evenpWhere on this planet as a pedestrian you can be hit by bicycle and… be guilty for it? Amsterdam, you are just awesome! :)/ppDrupalCon is over and its attendees are in the relaxed process of event reminiscence. True drupallers are never tired of sessions, code-sprints, workshops and just fuss between these events; and yes, this year’s Con has provided all of these! But you know what? You can read about this stuff in dozens of other materials. And here we have gathered those moments and snapshots, which made our days at DrupalCon!/p a href= more/a/div/div/div

SK+ Drupallets: Top Modules for Drupal 7

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 07:29
pDozens of useful contributed modules for building Drupal 7 sites./p pThere are many really useful contributed modules to take your site beyond the basics of Drupal core. There are modules to improve, allow, and/or help with everything from accessibility to workflow, from images to input formats, and beyond./p pThis session will be of interest to beginner and intermediate Drupallers, as well as those who manage or hire Drupallers or who are just trying to decide whether to use Drupal. /p p/ppa href= target=_blankread more/a/p

Drupal Bits at Web-Dev: Codit: Blocks a video introduction to making custom blocks

Mon, 10/13/2014 - 06:17
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpThis screen share walks you through why you might want a more powerful way of making blocks and why a href= target=_blankCodit: Blocks/a is a good candidate if you need lots of custom blocks. /p /div/div/divul class=links inlineli class=node-readmore firsta href=/info/drupal-drupal-7/codit-blocks-video-introduction-making-custom-blocks rel=tag title=Codit: Blocks a video introduction to making custom blocksRead morespan class=element-invisible about Codit: Blocks a video introduction to making custom blocks/span/a/li li class=comment_forbidden last/li /ul

Midwestern Mac, LLC: St. Louis Drupal Group - Hackathon on Headless Drupal 8 AngularJS

Sun, 10/12/2014 - 23:00
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpNow that Drupal 8.0.0-beta1 is out, and the headless Drupal craze is in full-swing, the Drupal St. Louis meetup this month will focus on a href= Drupal 8 with AngularJS/a to build a demo pizza ordering app. (The meetup is on Thurs. Oct. 23, starting at 6:30 p.m.; see even more info in this a href= to Drupal/a post)./p pWe'll be hacking away and seeing how far we can get, and hopefully we'll be able to leave with at least an MVP-quality product! I'll be at the event, mostly helping people get a Drupal 8 development environment up and running. For some, this alone will hopefully be a huge help, and maybe motivation to adopt Drupal 8 more quickly!/p pIf you're in or around the St. Louis area, consider joining us; especially if you would like to learn something about either Drupal 8 or AngularJS!/p/div/div/div

Zero to Drupal: Headless Drupal AngularJS Hackathon - St. Louis

Sun, 10/12/2014 - 00:14
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encoded h2What do you get/h2 pWhen you cross a href=http://drupal.orgDrupal/a, a href=http://angularjs.orgAngularJS/a, and a room full of folks eager to learn more about Drupal 8, api's, rest services, and front-end frameworks? You get St. Louis' first Headless Drupal Hackathon...that's what!/p h2When/h2 pThursday, October 23rd - 6:30p - 9:00p/p h2Where/h2 pThe Journey - Reber Place 4900 Reber Place St. Louis, MO/p h2Details/h2 pFor the first time in our beloved history as a Drupal User's Group, we will be hosting our first interactive meetup. Our goal is to collectively build a faux pizza ordering app using Drupal 8 as a backend, and AngularJS as the front end./p pFor more information, see our a href= event page/a for more info./p pHope to see you there!/p /div/div/divh3Tags/h3ul class=inlineli class=firsta href=/tags/drupal-planetdrupal-planet/a/li lia href=/tags/angularjsangularjs/a/li lia href=/tags/front-end-frameworkfront-end framework/a/li li class=lasta href=/tags/javascriptjavascript/a/li /ul

SitePoint PHP Drupal: DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 Report

Sat, 10/11/2014 - 17:00
ppAs has been the pattern of many recent DrupalCons and Camps, DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 was all about Drupal 8 and the changes that it’s bringing to the platform and community./p pThis has coincided with an increase in attendance at Drupal events (2300 in Amsterdam) and an increasing professionalism to DrupalCons. Drupal 8 has pulled us (sometimes forcibly) from out of our comfort zone and into the wider PHP and developer community. This has resulted in more talks covering a variety of non-Drupal topics, which, in my opinion, is a great thing./p pThe big news of the conference came on day 2, with a href= 8 finally making it into beta/a. You can now effectively build basic sites in Drupal 8. In fact, a few brave souls already have, and I intend to do so too with my next site. /p h2 id=dries-keynoteDries Keynote/h2 pThe regular ‘Driesnote’ was a thought provoking academic discussion on a current hot topic in the Open Source world, sustainability of projects and funding models. He started by stating that there are actually few good Open Source examples we could be following. In Dries’ opinion, the prevalent model of one company funding development is not a good one. Instead he suggested we look to other models, especially the concept of how Open Source software could be treated as a public good, or to coin a British term, ‘The Commons’. He used the example of public roads to show how community desire and amateur implementation can grow. Firstly via business investment (and sometimes privatization) and often resulting in Government control and management. To summarize:/p/ppemContinue reading %a rel=nofollow href= Amsterdam 2014 Report/a%/em/p How to create Drush Aliases (shortcuts) in bash - make your life even easier

Sat, 10/11/2014 - 13:41
div class=sharethis-buttonsdiv class=sharethis-wrapperspan st_url= st_title=How to create Drush Aliases (shortcuts) in bash - make your life even easier via @markconroy class=st_twitter_button displayText=twitter/span span st_url= st_title=How to create Drush Aliases (shortcuts) in bash - make your life even easier class=st_facebook_button displayText=facebook/span /div/div

CiviCRM Blog: Improved permissions for activities and cases

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 19:39
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden div class=field-item even property=content:encodedh1 A little background./h1 pEstablished in 1972, we are a non-profit human services organization that serves many diverse populations in the Greater Pittsburgh area./p pA large part of our focus is on homeless services, but we also do some mental and physical health programming, early childhood development, community integration and host a large food pantry near the University of Pittsburgh campus. /p pBecause of our disparate clientele and locations, we have been using multiple Access databases to track participant information.  For many years we wanted to move it online so staff in people's homes, could enter updates from the field.  However, the cost to implement was prohibitive to say the least./p h2 Our Drupal and CiviCRM experience/h2 pWhen we rebuilt our website using Drupal, I stumbled upon CiviCRM as an alternate to Constant Contact.  For two years, we have used Civi on the backend of our site to register for events, make online contributions and send out bulk mails./p pCivi has helped us raise a lot of dough./p pAfter working in Civi and Drupal, we realized the combination could effectively be used to consolidate our program and human resources data as well as make it available online./p pSo we set off on the challenge of implementing a database to track all of our program's data, but repeatedly were having to reinvent the wheel to avoid staff seeing information that had nothing to do with their program.  Since the site was not for the public, we wanted to limit all work in Drupal (i.e: creating views and webforms), and instead focus on streamlining the database.  In essence, Drupal became the backend and Civi the front./p pHowever, the Drupal permissions for CiviCRM were too general to control access to Activities and Cases and while the ACLs in Civi do provide more granular security, they don't cover Activities and Cases./p h2 Make it Happen/h2 pWe began rolling out our shiny new database in July 2014./p pDuring the roll-out, I began investigating the cost of adding security to Activities and Cases and stumbled upon some threads discussing it./p pa href= one/a that started in 2009 got me going and we haven't looked back since./p pWith these changes, it becomes dramatically easier for non-profits like us to implement CiviCRM as a total solution./p pThanks to Donald Lobo and Michael McAndrew for their guidance./p pPlease share your thoughts./p /div /div div class=field field-name-taxonomy-vocabulary-1 field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-hidden clearfix ul class=field-items li class=field-item even a href=/category/civicrm-blog-categories/civicrm typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=CiviCRM/a /li li class=field-item odd a href=/category/civicrm-blog-categories/civicase typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=CiviCase/a /li li class=field-item even a href=/category/civicrm-blog-categories/drupal typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Drupal/a /li li class=field-item odd a href=/civicrm-blog-categories/make-it-happen typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Make it happen/a /li /ul /div

Last Call Media: DrupalCamp LA: Manage the Gap

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 17:19
span class=field field-node--title field-name-title field-type-string field-label-hidden data-quickedit-field-id=node/107/title/en/rssDrupalCamp LA: Manage the Gap/span div class=field field-node--field-blog-image field-name-field-blog-image field-type-image field-label-hidden data-quickedit-field-id=node/107/field_blog_image/en/rss div class=field-items div class=field-item img class=image-style-blog src= width=758 height=325 alt= / /div /div /div div class=field field-node--body field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden data-quickedit-field-id=node/107/body/en/rss div class=field-items div class=field-itemp dir=ltrUsually when I travel anywhere outside of the Northeast, I tell people I am from Massachusetts or “outside of Boston” and people smile and nod. In rare instances granularity increases in the conversation and I eventually reveal that it’s actually  “a hip little town in the western part of the state called Northampton”.  Well, at a href= target=_blankDCLA/a, ~3000 miles from home, before 8:30am, I was 5 for 5 with people from California that not only know where Northampton is, but had visited before and had a favorite hotspot to share. Way to go Noho, you have officially been nationally recognized as geographically relevant./p pEveryone was so friendly, and greeted us by name as we walked through the Campus Center. It was incredible that in the land of Hollywood, two folks from Massachusetts, could feel like celebrities. I am not sure it was only because we were the cool kids that had traveled the longest distance, this stardom and warm welcome may have been derived from the early recognition we received for IT mastery.  I basically spent the first morning of the camp traveling from table to table, helping all the sponsors connect to the wifi. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but considering the internet prowess in the room, the fact that this marketing manager type found a way to be technically useful and wave a magic connectivity wand to save the people, was pure bliss. People were genuinely super grateful and relieved to have access to the magical interwebs, I realized for techies, having internet was as important to them as my morning coffee is to me./p pimg alt= data-editor-file-uuid=1a5e0c88-3c2d-403a-a400-a4f42695a378 src=/sites/default/files/inline-images/IMG_3061.jpg //p pI learned a ton at the conference, and attended one session in particular that really resonated with me.  James Smith from a href= target=_blankImage X/a not only brought his a href= target=_blankProject Management A-game to the podium/a, but did so while sporting a sweet mustache./p figure class=caption caption-imgimg alt= data-editor-file-uuid=4021eebc-6d94-4546-b31a-262a832bcb81 src=/sites/default/files/inline-images/James%20Smith_1.jpg /figcaptionDevelopment amp; Profit in Project Management - James Smith, ImageX/figcaption/figurepThe project manager is at the service of the team, not the other way around. James suggested that a daily check in with the team should sound like this:  “Have I met your expectations today? Did you get what you need from me? Did that do what you needed it to do? What do you want or think you need next? When do you need it by?  /p pWe all know that in the end, a happy team = a happy client. This is very much in line with one piece of our implementation of the a href= target=_blankMaker's Schedule/a within our a href= target=_blankTask-Driven Teamwork/a model whereby a dynamic hierarchy works, appropriately and effectively, to treat each the client, the project, and team members as the top priority. This DCLA presentation was very fitting: as we are growing our team at every position, we are especially looking for people to join our Project Management team./p pspan id=docs-internal-guid-ff38446f-fadb-c4bc-3cdf-e0745c48ece3spanIf you have excellent communication skills and really advocate for both your clients and team, a href= target=_blankplease consider joining us/a!/span/span/p/div /div /div

IXIS: First time at DrupalCon

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 15:17
div class=field field-type-filefield field-field-blogimage div class=field-items div class=field-item odd img src= alt=teaser image for blog post title=The Amsterdam Drupalcon Group Photo class=imagecache imagecache-blogfull imagecache-default imagecache-blogfull_default width=435 height=252 / /div /div /div pI#39;m Andy, a developer at Ixis and having just settled back in after my first DrupalCon I thought Irsquo;d wrap up my thoughts after attending the annual European conference for the first time./p pInitially - wow - DrupalCon is big! Irsquo;ve only been to some smaller a href= conferences/a so to see over 2000 people in one place was quite something. What struck me was how well it was organised - everything was on time with very few technicalnbsp;hiccups. I found the number of sessions quite overwhelming - there was so much to choose from, so having the videos of the sessions online with in an hour or so after it finished was really helpful. Irsquo;m still ploughing through the ones Irsquo;m interested in./ppa href= target=_blankread more/a/p

Drupal core announcements: Drupal 7 core security release on Wednesday, October 15 (and release window for Drupal 6)

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 14:48
div class=field field-type-datestamp field-field-start7 div class=field-items div class=field-item odd div class=field-label-inline-first Start:nbsp;/div span class=date-display-single2014-10-15 (All day) America/New_York/span /div /div /div div class=field field-type-text field-field-event-type div class=field-items div class=field-item odd Sprint /div /div /div div class=field field-type-userreference field-field-organizers div class=field-labelOrganizers:nbsp;/div div class=field-items div class=field-item odd a href=/user/14705 title=View user profile.David_Rothstein/a /div /div /div pThere will be a security release of Drupal 7 core on Wednesday, October 15./p pAlthough we normally only announce security release windows (rather than definite plans for a release), this month we are confident that a release will happen, so please be prepared to update your Drupal 7 sites on Wednesday./p pA security release window for Drupal 6 core will be on the same date; this does not mean that a Drupal 6 core security release will necessarily take place on that date, only that you should prepare to look out for one (and be ready to update your Drupal 6 sites in the event that the Drupal security team decides to make a release)./p pThere will be no bug fix release on this date; the next window for a Drupal core bug fix release is Wednesday, November 5./p pFor more information on Drupal core release windows, see the documentation on a href= timing/a and a href= releases/a, and the a href= that led to this policy being implemented./p

Code Karate: Creating a Drupal 7 Entity Reference View

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 13:26
div class=field field-name-field-episode-number field-type-number-integer field-label-abovediv class=field-labelEpisode Number:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even172/div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-ddod-video field-type-file field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenimg src= alt=Creating a Drupal 7 Entity Reference View //div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpThe a href= rel=nofollowEntity Reference module/a not only allows you to reference entities within your Drupal site, it also allows you to do so using a custom created entity reference view. This allows you to leverage the power of the a href= rel=nofollowviews module/a to control how the entity reference selection field is displayed./p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-taxonomy-vocabulary-1 field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-abovediv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evena href=/category/tags/drupalDrupal/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/category/tags/drupal/contrib/entity-referenceEntity Reference/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href=/category/tags/drupal/contrib/viewsViews/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/category/tags/drupal/drupal-7Drupal 7/a/divdiv class=field-item evena href=/category/tags/drupal/site-buildingSite Building/a/divdiv class=field-item odda href=/category/tags/drupal-planetDrupal Planet/a/div/div/div

Deeson: The value of Drupal mentoring at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 12:09
pLast week was my first time as a strongDrupal Core mentor/strong at a strongDrupalCon /strongeventstrong. /strong/p h4Why does Drupal need mentors?/h4 pAt DrupalCon Amsterdam, a href= mentioned in his key note/a that Drupal needs more people pitching in and contributing to Drupal Core. /p pThe Drupal community is growing, but the ratio of contributors to free loaders is getting worse. This is probably because people are struggling to get involved or don't understand which skills are needed./p pTo help overcome these barriers, DrupalCon events ask for people involved in Drupal Core to act as mentors./p h4How do you get involved?/h4 pFirst of all, you need to attend a mentor orientation session where you meet other mentors who share their experiences. At my orientation session, seasoned mentor strongCathy Theys/strong (a href= gave an excellent talk about what mentoring involves and what to expect./p pOur introductions to each other were very amusing as we shared our usernames. Most of us felt it necessary to defend our choice of usernames with a full entomology and my personal favourite was a href= (you'll have to ask him!)./p h4What did I do as a mentor?/h4 pLast strongWednesday/strong I spent two hours triaging the strongissue/strong strongqueue/strong, which contains issues with possible tasks suitable for novice contributors./p pA novice is unlikely to complete a whole issue on their own, but there may be components of the issue, called tasks, that they can do. Tasks could include providing steps to reproduce a problem, feeding back on UX or design, taking screen shots or writing documentation. You do not always need to be a developer to contribute./p pOn strongThursday/strong I manned the strongmentor desk/strong for a few hours. The DrupalCon events have a mentor desk manned by mentors who can advocate to delegates about contributing to Drupal Core and explain how to get involved. A key priority is to encourage delegates to attend a strongmentored sprint/strong on the last day of DrupalCon, their first steps into the world of the Drupal Core community./p pDuring the mentored sprints, more than 100 people got together to listen to a strongcommunity tools presentation/strong which covered the installation of everything you need to contribute, how to use the issue queue and comment and IRC etiquette./p img src= width=400 height=300 alt=Tools workshop at mentored sprint DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 title=Tools workshop at mentored sprint DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 / h4Drupal 8 presentation/h4 pAs a mentor, I gave a presentation to a small group of new contributors which helped them configure the tools and install Drupal 8 for the first time. For some, this was quite an achievement in itself./p pOnce set up with the tools, the new contributors broke up into smaller groups and selected issues to work on together with the aid of a mentor./p h4Critical issues/h4 pSome of the contributors I worked with looked at an issue to provide more user-friendly text on the 'Extend' section of the site. This was called strong'Modules'/strong on Drupal 7 and is where site administrators searched for modules to enable or disable them./p pIf the patch the contributors provided is committed, then the text they chose may appear on thousands of websites throughout the world - not bad for a short period of collaborative working!/p pThe contributors also uncovered an issue in Drupal Core which we decided to mark as critical. Some of the new contributors were selected to have their finished patches committed directly into Drupal 8 by Drupal Core maintainer strongAngie Byron/strong (a href= Angie showed how the process of patch review and committing a patch to core works./p img src= width=400 height=300 alt=Angie Byron commits some new contributors patches at DrupalCon title=Angie Byron commits some new contributors patches at DrupalCon / h4Après sprint/h4 pAfter a tiring, yet satisfying day, the mentors went to dinner together, where we discussed Drupal, development and PHPStorm./p img src= width=400 height=300 alt=High brow PHP Storm discussion at mentor dinner after DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 title=High brow PHP Storm discussion at mentor dinner after DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 / h4Give it a try!/h4 pBeing a mentor was a fantastic experience and I recommend it highly. I met some pretty incredible mentors and new contributors./p pThe Drupal community is made of a wide and varied skill base and everyone can get involved to make a difference to Drupal Core's quality./p pIf you've not contributed before, come along to the mentored sprint at the next DrupalCon./p pIf you can't wait that long, there is the a href= Ladder/strong/a which describes the small steps you can take to become a regular and useful contributor to Drupal Core./p

Janez Urevc: Drupal 8 from my media perspective - update #2

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 11:20
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden view-mode-rssdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedp It's been a while since my last post and with DrupalCon Amsterdam behind us it seems a good timing for another update. /p /div/div/div

Purencool Website Developer: How to set-up Compass on Ubuntu 14.04 for Omega 4 Development

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 10:34
div class=field field-type-text-with-summary pI had some issues installing Compass on Ubuntu 14.04 this is what I did and the errors I came up against that gave me a large headache. I hope others can benefit from what I learnt. This assumes that you have already created a sub-theme in Omega4. I installed the following packages initially:/p /div div class=field field-type-taxonomy-term-reference labelTags/label div class=field-items div class=field-item even rel=dc:subjecta href=/taxonomy/term/54 typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Drupal Planet/a/div div class=field-item odd rel=dc:subjecta href=/web-development typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Web Development/a/div div class=field-item even rel=dc:subjecta href=/taxonomy/term/91 typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=SASS/a/div /div /div

Drupal Association News: Doei Doei, DrupalCon Amsterdam

Fri, 10/10/2014 - 09:49
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item evenpimg alt=Closing session slides in Amsterdam class=left src= style=width: 240px; height: 160px; /DrupalCon Amsterdam has wrapped up, and now that we’re over the jet lag, it’s time to look back on one of the most successful DrupalCons to date. DrupalCon Amsterdam was the largest European DrupalCon yet, by far. Just to knock your socks off, here are some numbers:/p ulli More than 2,300 attendees showed up to 120 sessions and nearly 100 BoFs/li li 115 attendees showed up to the community summit and the business summit/li li 146 training attendees, 400 trivia night attendees, and 400 Friday sprinters made the week a success/li li …and through it all, we ate 1,200 stroopwafels./li /ulpThe fun extended to more than just the conference — with 211 transit passes and 56 bike rentals, attendees from over 64 countries were able to enjoy all the city of Amsterdam had to offer. What a success!/p pAs with any DrupalCon, DrupalCon Amsterdam wouldn’t have been a success without lots and lots of help from our passionate volunteers. We’d like to take a moment to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our track chairs and summit organizers:/p ulli Pedro Cambra - Coding and Development/li li Théodore Biadala - Core Conversations/li li Steve Parks - Drupal Business/li li Lewis Nyman and Ruben Teijeiro - Frontend/li li Michael Schmid - Site Building/li li Bastian Widmer - DevOps/li li Cathy Theys, Ruben Teijeiro, Gábor Hojtsy and the Core Mentors - Sprints/li li Adam Hill and Ieva Uzule - Onsite Volunteer Coordinators/li li Social Media - Baris Wanschers/li li Emma Jane Westby - Business Summit/li li Morten Birch and Addison Berry - Community Summit/li /ulpWe also appreciate everything our a href= mentors/a did to make DrupalCon Amsterdam a hit — and it’s thanks to lots of hard work from our passionate community members that a href= 8 is in Beta/a!/p pWe hope you had as fun and exiting a time in Amsterdam as we did. For those of us who weren’t able to make it, and even for those who were, you can relive the fun on the flickr stream, or catch any number of great sessions on the a href= Association YouTube channel/a.  And remember to mark your calendar for a href= Barcelona/a in September 2015. See you there! Below is Holly Ross' set of slides from the Amsterdam closing session. /p piframe allowfullscreen= frameborder=0 height=356 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 scrolling=no src=// style=border:1px solid #CCC; border-width:1px; margin-bottom:5px; max-width: 100%; width=427/iframe/p div style=margin-bottom:5px stronga href= target=_blank title=DrupalCon Amsterdam Closing SessionDrupalCon Amsterdam Closing Session/a /strong from stronga href= target=_blankDrupalAssociation/a/strong/div pemspan style=font-size: 12px;Image credit to a href= Lozano/a on Flickr./span/em/p /div/div/div

Blair Wadman: How to backup your Drupal database to Amazon S3

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 19:31
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encodedpWe all know the importance of backing up the database for each Drupal site we build and maintain. But it is not uncommon for this to be put on the back burner and never actually implemented. Fortunately, it is really easy to setup with a combination of Amazon S3 and Backup and Migrate. In this tutorial, you will be shown how to set this up so that it runs on auto pilot./p /div/div/divdiv class=field field-name-field-tags field-type-taxonomy-term-reference field-label-abovediv class=field-labelTags:nbsp;/divdiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even rel=dc:subjecta href=/drupal/site-building typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Drupal Site building/a/divdiv class=field-item odd rel=dc:subjecta href=/drupal/planet typeof=skos:Concept property=rdfs:label skos:prefLabel datatype=Planet Drupal/a/div/div/div

Tyler Frankenstein: Drupal Commerce Order Owner Autocomplete with E-mail Address

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 18:59
div class=field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hiddendiv class=field-itemsdiv class=field-item even property=content:encoded pWhen creating an order as an admin in Drupal Commerce, we can specify the user that owns the order if we know their user name. This works well in most cases, but to be able to search by the user's e-mail address would be helpful too. I've had a few requests from clients for this feature. So without further ado, let's ado it!/p pre/** * Implements hook_menu(). */ function my_module_menu() { $items = array(); $items['my_module/commerce/order-owner/autocomplete'] = array( 'page callback' =gt; 'my_module_commerce_order_owner_autocomplete', 'access arguments' =gt; array('configure order settings'), 'type' =gt; MENU_CALLBACK ); return $items; } /** * Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter(). */ function my_module_form_commerce_order_ui_order_form_alter(amp;$form, amp;$form_state, $form_id) { // Attach our custom autocomplete to the order owner name input so we can // search by e-mail address. $form['user']['name']['#autocomplete_path'] = 'my_module/commerce/order-owner/autocomplete'; } /** * Queries results for the commerce order owner autocomplete. */ function my_module_commerce_order_owner_autocomplete($string) { $matches = array(); $query = db_select('users', 'u'); $query -gt;fields('u', array('uid', 'name', 'mail')) -gt;condition(db_or() -gt;condition(u.mail, '%' . db_like($string) . '%', 'LIKE') -gt;condition(, '%' . db_like($string) . '%', 'LIKE') ) -gt;condition('u.uid', 0, 'lt;gt;') -gt;range(0, 10); $results = $query-gt;execute(); foreach ($results as $row) { $key = $row-gt;name; $matches[$key] = $row-gt;name - $row-gt;mail ($row-gt;uid); } drupal_json_output($matches); } /pre p/div/div/div