Find and Replace Script

When moving a Drupal install from one server to the next you often need to replace paths within several database fields and tables. To make this chore a little easier I have started to use the following DB script (thanks, krazyworks).

echo -n "Enter username: " ; read db_user
echo -n "Enter $db_user password: " ; stty -echo ; read db_passwd ; stty echo ; echo ""
echo -n "Enter database name: " ; read db_name
echo -n "Enter host name: " ; read db_host
echo -n "Enter search string: " ; read search_string
echo -n "Enter replacement string: " ; read replacement_string

MYSQL="/usr/bin/mysql --skip-column-names -h${db_host} -u${db_user} -p${db_passwd}"

echo "SHOW TABLES;" | $MYSQL $db_name | while read db_table
echo "SHOW COLUMNS FROM $db_table;" | $MYSQL $db_name| \
awk -F'\t' '{print $1}' | while read tbl_column
echo "update $db_table set ${tbl_column} = replace(${tbl_column}, '${search_string}', '${replacement_string}');" |\
$MYSQL $db_name

The DB info needed for the script can be found using Drush:

drush sql-connect