Open Atrium Time Tracking

I have been on the lookout for a Drupal project management tool for quite some time. Open Atrium came close, but missed an easy to use, straightforward time-tracking tool. Happily, Fuse Interactive has risen to the challenge and made a great time tracking feature for Open Atrium available.

It can track Time on Nodes and/or Comments, track time using time intervals (start and end times) or durations, contains an integrated Timer to track time as you go, there are user Time Sheets to display weekly logged time, and most importantly, a view available for reporting on tracked time. It looks quite good as well, as you can see from the following screenshot.

Time Tracking



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Hi! I kind of new to OA and I

I kind of new to OA and I like to install the time track module.
I've already installed it and could also enable it in the admin area of OA.
But somehow it doesnt work for me ...
Is there maybe an installation guide for this module or something like that?

Kind regards

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Hi Konrad, I will see if I

Hi Konrad,
I will see if I can find some time this week for a short install guide!

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Hi: I've got this


I've got this time-tracker installed, and it works great for my original admin user, but create a manager user and it won't show up anywhere...I've been pouring over installation notes, features documentation and module enabling stuff for hours now with nothing.

Yes, an install guide would be a blessing. There's nothing on the fuze interactive website that seems to help either.



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Go to Admin -> Users ->

Go to Admin -> Users -> Permissions and enable Time Tracker for the different user roles.

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Thanks for the great work up

Thanks for the great work up and running with no problems.